Rising Asphalt Costs Shouldn’t Have Homeowners Improvising

Increasing asphalt costs is an unpopular topic, but because we like to be an open book with our customers, we thought it best to be upfront about pricing changes and stress that it shouldn’t be the only determining factor when buying or repairing a roof. The Background Material costs, asphalt in particular, have spiked recently […]

5 Benefits of Gutter Guards

To ensure an effective gutter system, more and more homeowners are investing in gutter guards. These mesh, wire, vinyl, or aluminum guards are installed over gutter troughs to prevent leaves and large debris from getting into gutters. Gutter guard installation can be costly, depending on the quality of the guard, but many homeowners find that […]

8 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

That draft in the living room is only going to intensify as winter approaches. But the chill is only one of many great reasons to get new windows. Here’s a list of our top 8 reasons. Turn On The Heat! If you’ve come to the realization that your home is too cold in the winter […]

The Top Ten Benefits of a New Roof

What exactly does a new roof mean for a homeowner? A roof replacement can be a huge decision and have an enormous impact on your home. Unfortunately,  many cannot afford to pay the amount a roof replacement costs, even when a replacement is absolutely necessary. We are proud to be in a position where we […]

Fall is coming clean the gutters before winter!

To help prevent water clogs, Van Martin recommends that you clean out your gutters that fill up up leaves or other debris.  Also, Van Martin can help solve that issue by installing gutter guards on your gutters.  That way, the gutters will be low maintenance.

Voting Ends Friday!

This Friday (Sept. 13) is the final day to cast your ballot for a deserving nominee in need of a new roof. Come Monday, we will reveal the winning nominee and waste no time getting to work on installing a new roofing system. We would like to once again thank everyone who participated in this […]

Just for Fun: Roofing Humor

  Topics regarding roof repair and replacement can often be drier than a hot, August day: subjects such as proper installation and safety are serious for good reason. But that doesn’t stop us from having a little fun every now and then. Everyone can appreciate the value of a good pun, even roofing contractors. For […]

Cedar Shake and Shingle Roofing

Ever heard of cedar shake? No, it’s not a dance. Cedar shake roofs use wooden shingles that are made from logs split in a manner that reveals the natural grain of the wood.  These roofs have a distinctive look because the thickness and length of each shingle can vary. It’s not a very common choice […]

Van Martin has joined online referral service Thumbtack!

We are always looking for new ways to engage our customers and showcase our company. We have recently joined Thumbtack.com Van Martin Roofing Thumbtack is an online service that links together building owners with qualified contractors to complete their projects. Thanks for allowing Van Martin roofing to be a referral partner!

Commercial Roofing – A Look into the Future

It’s a New Day for Commercial Roofing Long gone are the days of being confined to a bucket of hot tar. The roof is a building’s first line of defense from weather, including sun, hail, and wind, which means its quality and maintenance should be a high-priority for every company. Commercial roofing technology, in particular […]

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