Gutter & Gutter Guard Installation

Protect Your Home With Gutters

An effective gutter system is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home. A basic gutter system consists of troughs that are installed at a subtle slope around the entire home. These troughs direct water to the corners of the home toward the gutter downspouts. In turn, the downspouts move the water away from the home. Thereby water doesn’t pool at the foundation and causes damage to the home.

Dangers of an Inadequate Gutter System

Proper installation and maintenance of a gutter system are vital. However, an improperly installed gutter system can result in severe, costly damages. These damages include:

  • Basement flooding
  • Yard erosion
  • Mold and mildew, leading to cracking and leaking in attics, ceilings, wall spaces, and/or basements
  • Discoloration of concrete or brick, from excessive water exposure

Also, clogged gutters can cause pools of water which can serve as a breeding ground for insects. Given the danger of the West Nile virus, homeowners should be wary of such breeding grounds.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards also provide several benefits to homeowners. Most importantly, they provide assurance that gutters won’t get clogged with leaves or large debris. Additionally, they also allow you to maintain your gutter system more easily. Normally, homeowners should clean gutters thoroughly twice a year. But with gutter guards, cleanings are required less often and are less extensive. Less gutter cleaning means less of a safety risk that comes with gutter cleaning, from working atop a ladder. Furthermore, gutter guards can also stop gutters from prematurely rusting due to wet debris residing in gutters.

Gutter Types

Several types of gutters are available for installation by the homeowner or by a roofing contractor. When choosing, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type, so that you will choose the type most suitable for your home.

Vinyl and aluminum gutters are easily installed, maintained, and are affordable. However, vinyl gutters can grow brittle and crack in extreme cold. Aluminum gutters can dent if a good amount of pressure is placed on them. Steel and copper gutters are more durable and add curb appeal to a home, but are more expensive. Wooden materials are available but are primarily installed on historical homes, where sustaining the style of the home is more important than cost and maintenance.


Gutter Maintenance

Homeowners should regularly inspect, clean, and repair gutters to ensure that they effectively direct water away from the home. Gutter guards are another option available for your gutter system. These screened or metal guards are installed over the troughs to prevent leaves and large debris from getting into gutters. Without gutter guards, homeowners should conduct gutter maintenance at least twice a year, in the spring and fall.

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