What is TPO Roofing?

What is TPO Roofing?

NOTE: (Compared to PVC, TPO roofing offers superior energy efficiency. The material is white. Because of its ability to reflect hot air at a fraction of the cost of PVC, this makes it an excellent choice. TPO roofing membrane is also considered a strong roofing product because of its ability to resist long term weathering such as dirt, tears, punctures and mold. In the following, your friends at Van Martin Roofing present the ultimate guide to TPO roofing).

Your Ultimate Guide to TPO Roofing for Home and Business

Are you a homeowner or commercial property owner in the Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati area considering a roofing upgrade or roof replacement? If so, you’re in the right place. Your friends at Van Martin Roofing have all your roofing needs covered in one place. In this article we’d like to discuss one of the more popular roofing solutions in our region.

Have you heard about thermoplastic polyolefin roofing, also known as TPO? With its durability against UV rays and its adaptability for both slope roof and flat roofs, TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin/Polyolefin) roofing material has become a popular choice. In this guide, we’ll explore the advantages of mechanically fastened TPO membranes and why Van Martin Roofing should be your go-to commercial roofing contractor in the Miami Valley Ohio area.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a single ply roofing membrane crafted from ethylene propylene rubber, which combines the durability of rubber with the cost-effectiveness of thermoplastic. This composition provides a slew of benefits for buildings in different climates. We will explore many of those benefits in the following.

The Durability

TPO membrane roofs are highly resistant to tears, impacts, and punctures. This type of roof stands up well against environmental factors such as UV rays, making them a high-quality option for people in areas that experience intense sunlight throughout the year.

The Energy Efficiency

The reflective nature of TPO roofing materials helps reduce cooling costs during the hot and humid summer months by deflecting sunlight and heat. This makes TPO an eco-friendly roofing option that can result in significant energy savings over time.

The Cost-effectiveness

This goes along with energy efficiency. TPO offers a lower cost compared to many other roofing materials, considering its life expectancy and the minimal maintenance required. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking value without compromising on quality.

Its Versatility

TPO roofing can be installed on both flat roofs and slope roofs, making it flexible for various architectural styles. With options for a mechanically fastened system or being heat welded, TPO roofing can be tailor-fit to your specific roofing needs.

Its Longevity

When installed by skilled roofing contractors like Van Martin, a TPO roofing system can last up to 30 years. That’s a long time! Properly maintained, TPO roofs are a long-term investment in the integrity of your property when you choose a company like Van Martin!

How does TPO Roofing Compare to other solutions?

Compared to traditional roofing materials, TPO stands out for its cost-efficiency and performance. There are pros and cons. This material’s heat-welded seams provide a strong bond that drastically reduces the risk of leaks. When compared to other single-ply roofing materials and other common types of material, TPO’s balance between price and quality is unrivaled.

For those considering roofing options, TPO roofing material strikes an ideal balance for many. However, to fully benefit from this roofing type, it is essential you hire an experienced roofing contractor who can ensure proper installation. With more than 20 years of experience and a track record of excellence in the Miami Valley Ohio area, we at Van Martin are proud to serve you as your trusted TPO roofing expert.

Van Martin Roofing: Your Trusted Local Roofing Experts

If you have a roofing need in Greater Dayton or Greater Cincinnati, call on the experts at Van Martin Roofing. Our commitment to sustainability, affordability and excellence in customer satisfaction in every job has set us apart for over two decades. We have a strong presence in our local communities, and we are ever devoted to giving back! We proudly serve commercial customers in addition to residential customers.

At Van Martin Roofing, we are not only dedicated to the eco-friendliness and longevity of your property with TPO roofing installations. We are also dedicated to serving our communities and giving back through our support of amazing local causes that are near and dear to our heart. Trust us to tackle your roofing project with the skill and dedication it deserves.

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