Roofing Issues & Buying A Home In Dayton, Ohio

shingle roof sketchRoofing Issues & Buying A Home In Dayton, Ohio

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Mary Beth Downing, a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Advantage.


Purchasing a new home can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. The latter can especially be true when you are worried about the condition of your prospective home’s roof. Fortunately, home buyers are entitled to an inspection process, which takes place before they close on a home. This process protects them from overpaying for a house with a bad roof. Even if the roof has issues, it does not need to mean that you must walk away from the home.

Dayton area homebuyers can use the inspection process to prevent and deal with roofing problems

Purchasing a home is very unfamiliar territory for many Dayton, Ohioans. The fear of “buying a lemon” can even keep some from house-hunting altogether. Fortunately, there are safeguards in place which prevent such problems. When one enters into a contract to buy a new home, they will have an inspection period. During this period, a professional can examine all aspects of the property, including the roof.

A report will be generated, and problems with the property will be cited. Then, the buyer can ask the seller to either fix the problems or to adjust the purchase price accordingly. If the two sides cannot reach an agreement as to the inspection report, then the buyer can walk away from the deal. In other words, the inspection process can protect a buyer from purchasing a home with a bad roof.

One point I cannot stress enough about is that roofing issues do not necessarily mean that you must walk away from the transaction. Quite often, a seller will be willing to spend the money necessary or adjust the home’s selling price, in order to save the transaction. It only makes sense that they will do so; if they are currently unable to sell the home due to a bad roof then they will likely be unable to sell it until repairs are made. It is, therefore, important that you allow your realtor to negotiate with the other side, in regard to the inspection report.

Van Martin has helped my clients deal with roofing issues during the purchase of a home

I have relied on Van Martin, both personally and professionally, since 2016. A year after moving to Ohio, my roof suffered wind damage. My homeowner’s insurance initially denied my claim and told me that I had to pay for a new roof out of pocket. Another roofing company also told me that there was nothing I could do in terms of insurance.

I then called Van Martin, and their representatives dealt with the insurance company on my behalf. The insurance company then reversed its position and paid for a new roof. As a Dayton realtor who deals with single-family properties, multi-family homes, and distressed properties, I often have clients who uncover roofing issues during the inspection process.

Van Martin has helped to save deals for my clients by providing prompt and excellent service. This service has ranged from the complete re-roofing of homes to minor repairs. This excellent service is why I suggest people utilize Van Martin when their home inspections reveal roofing issues.

I cannot stress enough that when you are house hunting and perusing homes for sale, that you take full advantage of the inspection process and that you hire a qualified company, such as Van Martin, to assist you with any roofing issues.