You’re Hired! Hiring Gutters in Mason, OH

Gutters. They can be one of the most neglected parts of your Mason, Ohio home. Unless they’re in a complete state of disrepair, they likely don’t contribute or detract from a home’s curb appeal. But gutters are central to protecting your home from water damage.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few different types available to you as a homeowner in Mason. The difference may not be as stark as it is with roofs (metal vs asphalt for example), but it’s important enough to warrant some research before you choose gutters for your Mason residence. We’ll take a look at some of the more popular options.

Aluminum is a great candidate for most homes. This material has entrusted with protecting more Mason homes and homes across the country than any other. Aluminum gutters come in a variety of colors, can be painted, and they don’t rust. Around 80 percent of all gutters in the nation are aluminum, thanks in part to its reasonable cost at $4-$8 a linear foot.

If it falls within your budget, you should consider purchasing aluminum gutters that are contiguous or seamless. While they will cost more, they have fewer seems, which lessons the risk of leaks. More than 70 percent of gutters in Mason and across the nation are seamless.

Mason GuttersCopper is a beautiful addition to any home. It’s not the most practical choice at first glance because it will cost three times more than aluminum depending upon the weight and style. You also need to anticipate that the copper color will turn to a brownish green or light green as it ages. But if you don’t plan on moving from your Mason home anytime soon, it might be a solid choice.

This material’s durability is unrivaled, which means it can withstand some of the most torrential weather, from freezing winters to scorching summers. Copper gutters won’t weaken in these harsh conditions. Also, if you find a qualified installer, you can expect that your gutters will not sag and will be nearly maintenance-free aside from clearing any debris that the gutters catch.

You can also select a rounded or a traditional rectangle style and can purchase gutters with designs embossed on them. Because of the aesthetics of copper, this material is likely the only type that can bolster a home’s curb appeal on top of being an effective system.

Gutters MasonSteel is another option that is primarily chosen for its low cost.  While this material is strong, it is heavy to work with and therefore not a recommended material for installing yourself. Typically, aluminum gutters are twice as expensive as steel, making steel the more affordable option. However, longevity is a real concern. Steel is prone to rusting, and while there are several coating materials available that can inhibit rust, the coating will add the cost of these gutters and should be calculated into the overall price.

Mason GuttersVinyl and Plastic gutters are available in do it yourself stores because of their relative ease of installation. It is often the most lightweight material available, which makes it easier to to handle. What’s more…you should be able to find plastic gutters for ranging from $4-$7 per each section. Even though it’s lightweight, it is fairly durable. This material can function in extreme temperatures without any problems. There are a few drawbacks when it comes to durability. Ultra-violet rays may cause vinyl to discolor, and plastic is susceptible to cracking in extreme cold.

Before you make a final decision on what material to hire, give us a call, and we can help you choose the material best for your Mason home.

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