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How to Examine a Roof When Buying a Centerville Home

How to Examine a Roof When Buying a Centerville Home Buying a house is one of the biggest investments someone can make! There is a lot of care and mindfulness involved when buying a new house for you or your family. Finance, location, resale value, and quality housing are all obviously very important during this […]

What’s the Lifespan of my Roof?

What’s the Lifespan of my Roof?   The lifespan of a roof is affected by numerous factors. However, the most important component of this is the material used. We have listed some of the most common roofing materials and their average lifespan is listed below. EPDM (a type of synthetic rubber): 10-16 years Modified Bitumen: […]

Attic and roof ventilation

The Importance of Sufficient Roof Ventilation

The Importance of Sufficient Roof Ventilation   Are you paying more than you should on your energy bills? Has there been any mold on your ceilings or attic? Do you frequently deal with ice dams in the wintertime? Well, if you’ve answered yes to either of these, then you most likely have roof ventilation issues. Any […]

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What Does A Good Roofing Job Look Like?

What Does a Good Roofing Job Look Like?   Roofing projects are undoubtedly among the most expensive in home maintenance and upkeep. Unfortunately, even though the cost is high, receiving a bad roofing job is far too common. That being said, how do you know if your contractor did a good job on your residential […]

Shingle roof leak from snow in Dayton Ohio

3 Ways to Prevent Snow Damage to Your Roof

Snow damage to your roof may not be as obvious as other storm damage. In Dayton, Ohio, if there is one thing we are known for it’s our unpredictable weather. Many Dayton residents feel the scorching heat of the summers, the intense rain of spring, and the abundance of snow in the winter. And it […]

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Van Martin’s Covid-19 Procedures

Co Covid-19 Update In response to global concerns regarding the Coronavirus, Van Martin has implemented the following policies; We require all employees to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before meeting with any customer. Van Martin requires all employees to keep a distance of 3 feet between themselves and any […]