Skylight Installation

More and more homeowners recognize the benefits of skylights and are investing in these valuable home features. The natural light brought in by skylights enhances a home’s atmosphere, while maintaining privacy. Also, skylights reduce the need for electric lighting, saving energy and money.

Van Martin Roofing, a trusted, certified Southwestern Ohio roofing contractor, installs high-quality skylights produced by Velux, a long-standing leader in the window industry. Velux offers several skylight options and accessories, most notably the no-leak skylight secured by a 10-year installation warranty.

Van Martin crew member installing a Velux skylight

Skylight Options

Van Martin Roofing provides various Velux skylight options.

  • Electric venting skylight: Overhead skylight that brings in abundant natural light and allows homeowners to open the skylight via remote. This skylight also closes automatically when it rains.
  • Manual venting skylight: An economical overhead or in-reach skylight with manual controls for ventilation.
  • Fixed skylight: A fixed overhead skylight that provides natural light for areas that don’t require ventilation.
  • Roof windows: In-reach installations for finished attics or above-garage rooms.
  • SUN TUNNEL™ skylight: A skylight ideal for small spaces, where only natural light is required or where skylight shaft length needs to be more than 4 feet. SUN TUNNEL™ skylights capture daylight from all angles.

Skylight Accessories

Van Martin Roofing offers Velux skylight accessories, such as blinds, remotes, and wall-mounted keypads. Several options are available for blinds, such as solar blinds, blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, and roller blinds.

For more information about installing high-quality skylights and skylight accessories, contact Van Martin Roofing at 937-222-7855 or through the Van Martin website.