Residential Skylights in Greater Dayton

Illuminate your home with natural light and stunning design by choosing Van Martin Roofing. We are the premier provider of residential skylights in Greater Dayton, Greater Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in the installation of high-quality Velux Skylights, foxed skylights, solar skylights, and sun tunnels. We also offer curb-mounted skylights, commercial skylights and more.

Our products are known for their durability and outstanding performance.

Additionally, our commitment to excellence is reflected in more than two decades of experience. For generations, we have been enhancing homes with skylights that not only brighten interiors but also contribute to energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. We take pride in our competitive pricing, ensuring that our customers receive the most exceptional value without compromising on quality. In short, we treat our customers like family.

Because of all this and much more, Van Martin Roofing stands apart as a trusted name in the skylight industry. We are a Google Guaranteed business, which is a testament to our reliable service and customer satisfaction. This is also highlighted by our impressive 4.9-star rating. Maintaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau also emphasizes our dedication to upholding the highest standards of service.

When you choose Van Martin Roofing for your skylight needs, you’re not just getting a contractor. Additionally, you’re also getting a partner committed to brightening your home with the best products and craftsmanship in the market. Call us today to transform your living space with the magic of natural light.

Van Martin crew member installing a Velux skylight
Skylight in Dayton Ohio

Types of Skylights for Your Home

When it comes to infusing your home with natural light, residential skylights are a game-changer. Van Martin Roofing offers a variety of skylight types to suit different architectural styles and lighting needs. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic of your interior, but with energy-efficient skylights, you can also reduce your energy costs. Discover the skylight solution that fits your home perfectly and enjoy well-lit, airy spaces all year round. Our selection ensures you find the best fit to brighten up your living space. In the following, we will explore the different types of skylights we offer!

Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylights in Dayton

If you’re interested in a skylight that remains closed throughout the year, we encourage you to check out our fixed skylights. These skylights have a clean exterior profile that won’t obstruct your roofline, adding natural light discreetly. At Van Martin, we encourage you to elevate your home with the elegant touch of fixed skylights.

Enjoy the serenity of natural light flooding your interiors, enhancing ambiance and energy efficiency. Our partnership with Velux Solar ensures a premium, solar-powered experience that’s not only eco-friendly but also innovative and stylish. We encourage you to reimagine your living space today with the unmatched beauty of fixed skylights.

Solar Skylights

Solar Skylight in Dayton

Our Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight, which it uses as the power source that opens and closes the skylight. A rain sensor is also built in to close the unit if inclement weather arises.

At Van Martin, we welcome you to unleash the power of sunlight with our Van Martin Roofing Velux Solar Skylights. Transform your living space by harnessing the radiant and renewable energy of the sun. Our skylights don’t just illuminate; they innovate with solar-powered fresh air features, encouraging ventilation and enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. With Velux Solar, you are not just installing a window to the skies, but a smart, eco-friendly investment that uplifts your indoor experience, reduces energy costs, and supports a healthier environment. Step into the light with Van Martin’s solar solutions – where technology meets tranquility.

Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnel

Sun tunnels – otherwise known as sun tubes or light pipes – can completely transform a dark or windowless room into an area full of natural light.

At Van Martin, we can help you transform any dark space into a sunlit haven with our selection of sun tunnels. Our roof windows offer a wide variety of designs to channel natural light into even the most secluded corners of your home. Experience a brighter living area with this innovative solution.

Whether you’re revamping a workspace or brightening your living room, Van Martin Roofing’s sun tunnels are the beacon of light you’ve been searching for. We encourage you to enhance your home with the ambiance and serenity of natural lighting today.

Curb Mounted vs. Deck Mounted Skylights

Choosing the right skylights for your property, whether it’s residential or commercial, depends on various factors such as roof type and desired aesthetics. Van Martin Roofing, a foundation licensed expert in roofing solutions, can install both curb mounted skylights and deck mounted skylights to enhance the natural lighting of your space.

Curb mounted skylights are designed to sit above the roof surface on a built-up frame known as a “curb.” Ideal for flat roofs or roofs with high snow loads, they offer versatile glazing options and are compatible with skylight shades. These units are typically easier to install on an existing roof since they can be placed directly onto the pre-built curb without major alterations to the roof structure itself.

Deck mounted skylights, conversely, are sleek and lower profile, attaching directly to the roof deck for a clean, integrated look. Preferred for their seamless design, they often come with advanced gazing options and vented skylights capabilities, perfect for adding airflow along with sunlight. In terms of canopy systems, deck mounted variants provide a contemporary finish, allowing for clear views of the sky.

Whether opting for a sun tunnel skylight to spread light through hallways or larger unit skylights for grander spaces, Van Martin Roofing’s expertise ensures the right fit for your specific needs and roofing style.

Commercial Skylight Services

Illuminate Your Business Space with Miami Valley Skylights

Transform your business environment with the installation of top-quality commercial skylights. Van Martin Roofing, a local licensed contractor, specializes in bringing natural light into your workplace or commercial property with our state-of-the-art unit skylights and sun tunnel skylight systems.

Say goodbye to dimly lit and uninspiring workspaces. Our unit skylights not only bring in an abundance of natural light but also come with various glazing options to meet your aesthetic and energy efficiency requirements. Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped one, our skilled technicians can create a tailored solution that fits your property perfectly.

For businesses seeking controlled lighting, we offer skylight shades and canopy systems, giving you the power to adjust the ambiance to suit your needs. Our vented skylights come in handy for those who value fresh air circulation, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

With Van Martin Roofing, every installation is an assurance of enduring quality and functionality. Rediscover your business space bathed in rejuvenating natural sunlight! Call us today to upgrade your interior with the finest commercial skylights on the market.