6 Advancements in Residential Roofing You Should Know

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6 Advancements in Dayton Ohio Roofing You Should Know About!


Advancements in Dayton Ohio roofing technology are progressing daily to meet consumer and environmental demands alike. A building’s roof is the first line of defense from the ever-changing weather we see in Dayton, Ohio.  Therefore, quality material, installation, and routine roof maintenance should be highly prioritized for every homeowner. Residential roofing technology is evolving to accommodate homeowners that are looking for three major benefits:

  • Durability

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Energy-efficiency

Thus, when choosing the best material for your roofing project, it’s crucial to weigh the costs and durability of the materials. Below we have listed a few of the many examples of modern developments within the roofing industry.

Synthetic Slate Shingle Roofing in Dayton Ohio

Synthetic slate shingles are able to last a lifetime when properly maintained. Constant roof repairs will no longer be a concern of yours. Crafted to resemble genuine slate, these shingles are just as reliable, durable, and made from recycled materials!

Metal Shingle

Metal shingles are constructed to resemble typical asphalt shingles and are more environmentally friendly as well. In addition, they offer superior protection against high winds, heavy rainfall, or treacherous snowstorms.

Cool Shingles

Cool shingles are manufactured with a reflective coating, causing them to absorb less heat than traditional shingle roofing. A standard “run-of-the-mill” roof can reach temperatures up to 150℉ in the summertime. For instance, cool shingles on your existing roof can drop that temperature by at least 50℉. In addition to cutting energy costs, cool shingles mean a longer lifespan of your roof!

Architectural Composite Shingles

Architectural composite shingles, otherwise known as laminated or dimensional shingles, have been around the longest. However, in terms of advancements, these shingles have come the farthest. Customizable to meet your needs regarding quality, design, and materials. As a result, your home will maintain its curb appeal with this lightweight durable solution. 

Green Roofs: Solar Panels

Solar Panels are considered one of the most intensive green roofs. In the past, solar panels were very large and bulky as a roofing accessory. Manufacturers took notice of this, so today’s solar panels have a much smoother and glossy design. 

For those interested in energy savings, solar panels may just be the choice for you. However, there is one downside to solar panels. That of course is their reliance on the sun for power. 

Recycled Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is fairly new to the roofing industry. The goal in creating these shingles was to reduce landfills by using recycled rubber, primarily from used tires.  However, what separates rubber roofs from everything else is their insulation abilities. Rubber roofs will undoubtedly reduce the energy consumption of your home.

Having Trouble Choosing which Roofing System is Best for You?

Today’s modern technology can provide a homeowner with an array of options—each addressing today’s liability and environmental concerns. Therefore, you no longer have to sacrifice these qualities for energy efficiency. 

We at Van Martin will provide options and information concerning these choices to homeowners in the Miami Valley. Not only do we carry the latest in roofing technology, but we also hold the certifications from the manufacturers to install roofs. A roof with the latest technology is no good if it isn’t properly installed. However, the rapid growth of technology applied to residential roofing has made the industry more advanced than ever. Today’s homeowners will benefit from the help of someone in the business to navigate the pros and cons of each new innovation



Repair, replacement, installation, whatever it is you need; we can help. We are here to help throughout the process of selecting your roof. Give Van Martin Roofing a call at 1-937-222-7885 or schedule online for a free roof evaluation. Our roofing contractors are certified, trained on the most advanced roofs, and equipped with the knowledge to provide answers to your roofing and related questions. 

A new roof is the best way to improve your property’s appearance, durability, and energy efficiency. Choose Van Martin Roofing and experience the difference firsthand.


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