Green Roofing Solutions

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Green Roof Solutions

A leaky roof will not only cause damage to your ceilings, walls, and possessions, it can also cost you in loss of energy as well. When considering a new roof, you consider three things – cost, durability, and appearance. A fourth consideration should be added – environmental impact. Look into our options for green roofing solutions.

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Save on Energy Costs and Reduce Environmental Impact

By using quality energy rated shingles Van Martin Roofing adds value to your roof. Options of roofing materials made of these green roof shingles will stand the test of time, sun, rain, and snow. These shingles are one of the top green roofing solutions available on the market today.

Solar Ventilation

Solar Powered Roof-Mounted Attic Vents operate during the day and collects power from direct sunlight to convert into electricity. This energy operates a high efficiency motor inside the power vent, so there’s no added cost for electricity. That saves energy, which is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Skylights and Sun Tunnels bring natural light into your home, reducing the need for electrical lighting. Brighten your space and save on energy costs with skylights and sun tunnels from Van Martin Roofing.

Why Choose Van Martin?

Many roofing companies have no regard for how they go about their operations. Although, unlike many other roofing contractors, Van Martin truly cares about its impact on the environment. Not only are we green-friendly, but we also want your home or business to be as energy-efficient as possible. This, in turn, will save you money in the long run. No matter where you may be in southwestern Ohio, look to Van Martin Roofing for all of your green roofing solutions.