Roofing Services in Dayton and Cincinnati OH

Roofing Services in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio

Roofing Services in Dayton Ohio

While options for roofing contractors are many, there’s one company that stands above the competition. With more than 20 years in this business, Van Martin Roofing is a trusted local roofing contractor. We are a family-owned roofing company that homeowners have trusted for decades.

Van Martin offers all types of roofing services. This includes roof replacement, roof repair, gutter installation, skylight installation, preventative roof maintenance, residential roof services, shingle roof services. We also offer water damage repair, gutter solutions, gutter guards, siding, skylights, green roof solutions, roofing maintenance, and other home improvement services throughout Greater Dayton.

In short, our success in this business is because of the training and dedication of our employees. Additionally, our unwavering commitment to customer service has brought us far. We dedicate our time to preserving your trust and bringing you the most bang for your buck. We deal openly and directly with our customers.

We are transparent about our competitive pricing, detailing everything in writing. This complements our quality work, the fastest response times, and the industry’s most professional and courteous customer service.

Our customers have much to say about our roofing services in Dayton and Cincinnati! We are a Google Guaranteed business with a 4.9 rating!

In addition to our experience in the industry, we use materials from ABC Supply and CertainTeed Shingles. We are also a 5-Star Select Shingle Master CertainTeed Roofing Contractor. We also maintain an A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau!

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Gutters, Skylight, Shingle Roof, Roof Leak, etc.

Roof Replacement in Dayton

Our roofs are the first line of defense we have against Ohio’s harsh weather. We need to ensure they remain in the best condition.

A minor issue can quickly progress into a major expense. This is why we stress preventative maintenance before we prioritize a roof replacement. A simple missing shingle can ruin your roof’s integrity in the long run.

Expensive damages succumb to your roof when you don’t execute roof repairs in a timely manner. These damages then require a full roof replacement. That’s why you should never delay calling us right away at the first sign of a problem.

Van Martin Roofing’s most experienced roofing professionals in the industry are ready to help you whenever you need it. We offer shingle roof replacement, stone coated metal roof installation, and steep slope shingle roofs on apartments.

We also offer free roofing inspections. As a CertainTeed Select Master Shingle contractor, Van Martin stands behind everything in writing. We offer a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Roof Repair in Dayton

As time passes, Ohio’s weather wears down every roof, and professional repair becomes inevitable. This is when Van Martin Roofing, your trusted local roofer, steps in. We easily tackle Mother Nature’s fury and offer superior roofing repair solutions for homes across Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Our services range from residential to commercial roofing repairs. These include roof leak repair, shingle, metal, and flat roof repairs, skylight and siding repairs, among others.

We provide extensive roof repair services precisely when they’re needed with efficiency in mind, ensuring your home stays safe against the elements. Our experienced team can handle a variety of repair scenarios, from small leaks to severe storm damage. Swift and prompt action is our commitment when dealing with roof repairs. We are always aiming to minimize any disruption to your routine.

Van Martin Roofing believes in long-term solutions using top-of-the-line materials that extend your roof’s lifespan. Our regular maintenance services help prevent future damage and maintain your roof’s prime condition.

Trust us with all your roof repair needs in Greater Dayton for peace of mind knowing your home is in expert hands. As your local storm repair roofing experts, we offer water damage repair, wind damage repair, leaks repair, flashing services, roof vents, roof pipe boots, and more.

For a free inspection and free quote in the Miami Valley Ohio area, please give us a call!

Commercial Roofing in Dayton

Although your commercial roofing system might not be something you think about regularly, it is something that deserves regular attention. Unfortunately, most roofs don’t get a lot of attention until water leaks into the building, causing extensive damage. Roofs of commercial buildings often fall victim to neglect the most. This is especially true with flat roofs and parapet walls.

At Van Martin Roofing, we’ve seen what happens when commercial property owners neglect their building’s roof. Small problems can eventually result in substantial damage to the structure and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our professional commercial roofers are always ready to inspect your roof and provide a detailed assessment of its condition and what needs to happen to restore it. If you need commercial roof repair, commercial roof replacement, or a brand new roof, we want to be your go-to commercial roofing company for all types of commercial roofing work. We specialize in metal roofs, flat roofs, and other roofing services in Dayton and Cincinnati.

Skylights in Dayton

Consider how natural lighting can breathe life into your home. Natural light is a pillar of our quality of life. It shapes not only our environment but also our everyday living. Our valued customers have discovered that natural light possesses an uncanny ability to transform a building into a home.

The multiple tones and moods of natural light animate a home. Our range of professionally crafted skylights and sun tunnels sculpt a stunning indoor aura. They bring about a positive shift in how residents perceive their living spaces. Our sun tunnels and skylights bring new life to any living space!

It can also bring tremendous ambiance in specific spaces. We strategically place skylights in our clients’ homes to enhance harmony, enliven the overall room, and minimize glare. Sun tunnels and skylights tactfully reduce dependence on electrical lighting, yielding functional, adaptable, and serene spaces without compromising your privacy.

Van Martin Roofing offers a 7-year craftsmanship warranty on Velux Skylights along with Velux’s 10-year leak-free assurance. Call us today to explore our skylight services in Greater Dayton and Cincinnati. Learn how our friends at Miami Valley Skylights can make your home brighter and more beautiful!

Gutter Installations in Dayton

Van Martin offers all types of services for gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts throughout the Miami Valley Ohio area.

Clogged or damaged gutters pose significant challenges to Ohio homeowners. They often lead to leaking attics, flooded basements, and consequent structural damage to your home’s foundation, siding, decks, patios, and fascia boards. This may also result in premature rotting and repair needs for your wood siding, sheathing, and trim.

We encourage you to eliminate these risks with Van Martin Roofing. Our services include installing seamless, copper, aluminum, and steel gutters.

Furthermore, we provide a one-time effective solution – gutter guard installation. These protective covers enable water flow while blocking debris, reducing frequent cleaning necessity, and extending your gutter’s lifespan.

Our gutters and gutter guards play an essential role in home maintenance. Their innovative design channels rainwater away from your house, ensuring the protection of your roof, walls, and foundation against water damage. Besides limiting soil erosion, they guard your landscaping and siding, and prevent basement flooding.

Maintain the longevity and structural safety of your home with our gutters and gutter guards. Call us today at (937) 400-3132 for a thorough inspection and free quote.

Vinyl Siding in Dayton

In addition to roofing, another essential consideration is the vinyl siding. We provide at the most competitive rates in the Greater Dayton area with unparalleled professional installation and replacement services.

Vinyl siding, surpassing older wooden siding, has emerged as a top choice among homeowners. Our vinyl siding installations offer a wide range of benefits, including durability, longevity, low maintenance, and minimal added expense, making it an excellent option.

Furthermore, vinyl siding is available in a broad spectrum of vinyl siding colors and designs. These attributes enhance a property’s value, thus ensuring structural elegance and visual appeal.

For comprehensive details about vinyl siding, kindly reach us today at (937) 400-3132!

Preventative Roof Maintenance in Dayton

Embrace a proactive stance towards your home’s exterior health with Van Martin. Our VanGuard preventative maintenance program is available to residents and businesses across the Miami Valley area in Ohio. This includes debris removal and vital maintenance tasks, timely repairs, patching, and a reliable 24/7 emergency service.

Our essential maintenance tasks benefit property owners by preventing problematic roof damage. We detect and address minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs or premature replacements. Van Martin increases the longevity of your current roof substantially with regular preventative maintenance.

Our team will ensure that your roofing system is optimally prepared to endure all four seasons. Call us today to learn more about the VanGuard maintenance program!