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8 Signs Your Kettering Roof Isn’t Safe

8 Signs Your Kettering Roof Isn’t Safe It’s very easy to neglect and ignore what’s happening to your roof. However, if you’re not attentive to your rooftop, it could lead to any number of disastrous outcomes. Therefore it’s very important to know how to spot danger when it comes. Here are 8 signs that your […]

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Dayton Roofing: Trends and What’s Popular in 2021

Dayton Roofing: Trends and What’s Popular in 2021 Whether it’s for the home or business, it’s no surprise that people are always looking for ways to improve their property. The industry is more innovative than it’s ever been, and new technologies and advancements are becoming more mainstream and affordable. Below we’ve listed just a few […]

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Is Your Dayton Business in Need of a New Roof?

Is Your Dayton Business in Need of a New Roof? It’s hard to know when your commercial building is in need of a roof replacement. Roof maintenance and repair rarely cross the minds of business owners. After all, they already have their hands full with various other pressing matters. So it’s good to know whether […]

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What Does A Good Dayton Roofing Job Look Like?

What Does a Good Dayton Roofing Job Look Like?   Roofing projects are undoubtedly among the most expensive in home maintenance and upkeep. Unfortunately, even though the cost is high, receiving a bad Dayton roofing job is far too common. That being said, how do you know if your Dayton roofing contractor did a good […]

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5 Signs of An Unreliable Dayton Roofing Contractor

5 Signs of an Unreliable Dayton Roofing Contractor   Roofing projects are not to be taken lightly. Everything done on your roof should be handled with care. From patching a simple leak to an entire roof replacement, if something goes wrong during the process it could mean trouble for your home or business. That’s why […]

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Van Martin’s Covid-19 Procedures

Co Covid-19 Update In response to global concerns regarding the Coronavirus, Van Martin has implemented the following policies; We require all employees to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before meeting with any customer. Van Martin requires all employees to keep a distance of 3 feet between themselves and any […]

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5 Reasons To Get Roof Leaks Fixed ASAP

 We know that home maintenance tasks are not the most exciting way to spruce up your home, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!  A roof leak is a good example of something homeowners should fix immediately – a small leak in a roof can lead to over $20,000 in repairs of flooring and […]

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