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5 Reasons To Get Roof Leaks Fixed ASAP

 We know that home maintenance tasks are not the most exciting way to spruce up your home, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!  A roof leak is a good example of something homeowners should fix immediately – a small leak in a roof can lead to over $20,000 in repairs of flooring and […]

Wind Damage

Wind-driven rain can cause sloped roof coverings to shift and lift. Rain can then easily slide under the roof covering and directly onto the unprotected roof deck, where it causes leaks and damage to the inside of the home.


Just like your roof, your chimney has constant exposure to the elements. As you can see in the picture of this Dayton, Ohio chimney over time your chimney gets worn and effect the condition of your roof. The cap on this chimney is deteriorated allowing water into the home. Also the proper step and counter […]

Ice Damming

If the ice and water shield is not installed properly or the roof is not properly ventilated your structure will experience ice damming. This can result in water leaking into the interior of your house due to the melting and refreezing of snow over the heated areas of your home.  This is common along all […]

Hail Damage to a Shingle Roof

The Dayton ohio area is succeptible to extremes in weather, especially hail storms. The damage from hail can cause granule loss from your shingles. In any climate, the loss of granules means that the shingle has lost some of its ability to protect your home. Hail storms can also fracture shingles, diminishing the the life of the […]

Slipping: Delaminating / Sliding

Shingles may delaminate and slide. This is caused by improper fastening. Shingles are designed to be nailed in a specific area, increasing wind resistance and ensuring that both parts of the shingle are attached to the roof. Today’s shingles are constructed in two parts. The “base” and the “dragon tooth” overlay. When fasteners do not […]

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Torn/Cracked/Broken Roof Surface

Often in high wind events, we see the corners of shingles tear. This is common on contractor-grade shingles. Sometimes a tree branch or flying debris may impact a shingle causing damage. 3rd party damage is another issue, as people walk across the roof they can cause damage. Damaged shingle leaves the underlayment showing, accelerating roof […]

Roof Recovered

Often used as a way to escape the costs associated with replacing flashings, installing new underlayments and saving labor for tear-off shingle recovers offer an option. We have found shingle recovers cause rapid wear of the primary roof system as they trap moisture and “bake” the original roof. Without replacing flashings, there is no way […]

Offset Not Correct

Shingles are not a waterproofing material. When installed correctly, they do “shed” water. However, if installed on a flat roof, they would allow massive seepage. The way shingles work is by their overlapping design. As the previous layer is covered by the next it creates a stair step water shed design, disallowing seepage. This stair […]

Improper Number of Fasteners in Shingles

Shingles are designed to be installed using special wide head roofing nails. Each shingle has a designated “nail line”. If shingles are fastened outside the nail line the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and the roof assembly is out of code. This also leaves the roof susceptible to roof blow-off in the event of strong winds. […]