Watch Out! 5 Signs Of A Leaking Commercial Roof

Watch Out! 5 Signs Of A Leaking Commercial Roof

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Commercial roof leaks can be stressful and costly to repair. No business owner wants to discover a roof leak on their commercial or industrial facility.  Without regular roof maintenance, you are bound to fall victim to leaks. This is why it is vital to identify the warning signs of a leaking commercial roof before it causes huge damages to your property.

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Whether your business is large or small, maintaining a commercial roof is a big responsibility. To avoid disruptions in your daily operations and protect your investment, it is imperative that you ensure your roof is in excellent working condition. Below, we will guide you through how to spot the main indicators of leaks in your commercial roofs.


Signs of Commercial Roof Leaks

Stains or Marks on Your Ceiling & Walls


Among the top signs that you have a leaky roof is when you spot water stains on your ceilings and walls. These marks are light brown in color and form various shapes. You might see light brown rings on the ceiling or lines running down your wall.  If these leaks are not repaired, they can cause extensive damage to your ceiling systems and walls. 


Presence of Odor & Mold


When you smell a foul odor in your facility, it’s time to check for mold. An unusual odor can be a red flag that there is mold build-up in your building. The presence of mold within your facility is a key indicator of high moisture content.

If mold is detected, it is necessary to carefully check your building for water leaks. Immediate response is vital since mold can contribute to severe health issues, like chronic respiratory problems. In addition to impacting your health, mold can also affect the quality of your products. 


Dripping Water or Puddles


The most obvious sign of a commercial roof leak is dripping water or puddles inside your facility. Although there may be other factors causing the leak, it is necessary to rule out any issues pertaining to your roofing system. A well-maintained roofing system can prevent damage to your equipment and assets.


Missing Shingles


If your facility has a shingle roof, the discovery of missing shingles is another sign that your roof needs attention. Leaks may not be immediately visible, missing shingles are an indicator that your roof is aging or damaged. Wind and hail damaged shingles and shingles that are starting to curl are visible signs that you need roof repair. When shingles start to curl it creates gaps in your roof covering, increasing your chances for leaks.


Damaged Roof Flashing


When your roof flashing is damaged, it can allow water to pass into your building. The damage may be caused by harsh weather or faulty installation. A periodic check for your roof flashing is another preventative step to ensure your facility is water-tight. 


Roof Leak, What Next?


Don’t Panic!


When you’ve discovered a leak on your commercial roof, stay calm. Keep in mind that there are certified roofing experts who can help you quickly fix the issue. Leaks and water damage can cause immense stress, so it is important to have knowledgeable professionals handle the job. Remain calm and look for a reliable contractor to repair your leaking commercial roof. 


Call for Emergency Repair Service


Your commercial facility is a key investment and it’s important to protect it. When you have detected the above-mentioned signs, take immediate action and call Van Martin for 24-hour roof leak repair, a trusted commercial roofing company that will resolve the leaks and bring you peace of mind. 


Ask for a Regular Roof Check-up and Maintenance

Unexpected repairs can be costly. The best way to prevent these unexpected expenses is to have regular check-ups and maintenance performed on your roofs. Proactive scheduled inspections can keep your business running smoothly and save you money in the long run.  


Keep in Mind


A leak on your commercial roof is a serious issue, so when you spot any of these signs immediate response is essential. Remember, a small issue can turn into a major one if neglected.

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