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Exterior Home Solutions by Van Martin Roofing

No one takes the exterior of your home more seriously than Van Martin

With two decades of impeccable industry experience, we at Van Martin Roofing stand out as a beacon of trust and quality in Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati. Our comprehensive exterior home solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your home or business with impeccable attention to detail and professionalism. Nevertheless, you don’t have to take our word for it! Just see what our customers have to say! We are a trusted, Google Guaranteed business with a 4.9 rating.

At Van Martin, we specialize in providing the most professional services for all your roofing and residential exterior needs, ensuring the longevity and durability of your investments. From installing premium roof pipe boots that seal and protect from water intrusion, to fitting gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts engineered to safeguard your home from rain damage, we have mastered the craft of roof preservation and exterior protection.

Our expertise also extends to the installation of high-quality skylights that brighten up any space with natural light, enhancing both the aesthetic and resale value of your property. Not to mention curb appeal.

Furthermore, when it comes to exterior makeovers, our premium vinyl siding colors and options not only rejuvenate the look of your home but also offer practical benefits such as increased insulation and low maintenance. We offer roof vents, chimney flashing, ridge vents, attic ventilation, vent pipe flashing, soffit vents, gutter system services, aluminum gutters, stainless steel gutters, roof windows, seamless gutters and more.

Choose Van Martin Roofing for unparalleled service and a commitment to excellence that has cemented our reputation in the Greater Dayton community. With our 20 years of experience, advanced techniques, and dedicated customer service, we ensure your roofing needs are thoroughly met with long-lasting results.

Exterior Products for Your Dayton Area Home

Velux Skylights

vmr windows

Skylights, a concept evolved from ancient Rome, today offer light and ventilation to any space. Van Martin Roofing, an authorized Velux skylights installer, offers various styles from fixed to solar-powered, catering to different needs. We provide both deck-mounted and curb-mounted options. Additionally, we install sun tunnels and compact tubular skylights for smaller areas, available in different sizes and with optional blinds or shades. Contact us for skylight replacements or new installations, we are committed to brightening your space as you envision. Van Martin – your trusted provider for superior skylight services in Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati.


vmr gutters

Gutters are an essential component of any roofing system, channeling water away from your home’s structure to prevent damage. At Van Martin Roofing, we specialize in all types of gutter services. Whether you need gutter installation or gutter maintenance, our expert team has the knowledge and experience to ensure your gutters are functioning properly for years to come.

Utilizing a variety of types of gutters and style gutters, we tailor each solution to the specific needs of your property. Harnessing superior materials and the most professional methods, we stand out as a premier choice in Greater Dayton for reliable gutter services. Don’t compromise on quality; call us today at (937) 400-1273 to safeguard your home with top-tier gutter solutions.

Vinyl Siding

vmr siding

Protect your home with our top-tier vinyl siding services. Serving both Greater Dayton and Greater Cincinnati, we bring easy-to-install vinyl solutions to safeguard and enhance your home’s exterior. Our skilled team delivers exceptional workmanship, ensuring your siding withstands the elements and elevates curb appeal. Trust us as your reliable partner in exterior home solutions.

Experience the blend of durability and aesthetic appeal with our custom vinyl siding options. If you’re ready to upgrade your home, you should give us a call today at (937) 400-1273!

Roof Vents

Roof vent

At Van Martin Roofing, we understand the critical role roof vents play in maintaining the integrity of your home. Serving the Greater Dayton area, we specialize in an array of roof vent services designed to optimize air circulation and temperature control in your attic space.

Whether you’re dealing with hot air buildup or looking to improve air flow, our experts can guide you through selecting the best types of roof vents for your needs, including efficient roof turbines. Trust us to bring unparalleled expertise and quality service to every job. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Roof Pipes

Roof pipe

At Van Martin Roofing, we understand that the integrity of your roof is crucial to the safety and comfort of your home. Specializing in roof pipe services within the Greater Dayton area, our skilled team provides high-quality and reliable roof pipe boot repair. Ensuring a watertight seal, our services protect your home from water damage and contribute to the long-term durability of your roof. Whether it’s inspection, maintenance, or repair, trust us to safeguard your home against the elements with our expert roof pipe services. To schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us (937) 400-1273.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing

At Van Martin Roofing, protecting your home from the elements is our top priority. With our expert chimney flashing services, you can ensure that your Dayton home remains watertight and damage-free. Flashing is a critical component for any chimney, serving as a weatherproofing seal between your chimney and roof. Our skilled technicians specialize in installing, repairing, and replacing chimney flashing with precision and care. Trust us to deliver high-quality flashing solutions that stand the test of time. Don’t compromise on the safety of your home; call us at Van Martin Roofing at (937) 400-1273 for unparalleled chimney flashing expertise in the Greater Dayton area. We have all your home exterior and roofing needs covered in one place!

Why Choose Van Martin?

Choosing Van Martin as your exterior installer is choosing a company that is dedicated to giving the best customer care and installations possible. Our team will ensure security for years to come with siding, gutters, skylights,  roofing, and more. Additionally, we offer several different warranty and financing options. If you have any budgetary restrictions or are concerned about the long term, our team can ensure an easy process.

When you hire Van Martin for any of your siding, gutters, and skylight needs, you’ll know exactly what to expect: superior craftsmanship, customer service, and 24/7 availability. We never compromise on quality. Van Martin is filled with determined, direct, and honest individuals. Contact our professional team members today! Van Martin has the knowledge to assist you with any issues you may be having with your roofing and related systems. No matter what you’re in need of, Van Martin will provide a solution that works perfectly for your budget and needs.