Why Van Martin?

Why Choose a Certified Contractor?

Certified roofing contractors have all of the following:

  • Full licensing in their state (or local area) to perform roofing work*
  • Adequate insurance for your protection
  • A proven reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community
  • A commitment to ongoing professional training to ensure quality installation

*Only a very small percent of all roofing contractors have qualified as Certified contractors!

Choosing a Certified contractor is your assurance that you’ll be dealing with a reputable, dependable professional contractor rather than a “fly-by-nighter.”

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Taking Shortcuts Costs more in the End!

Installation errors account for 47% of all roof failures, increasing the importance of going with a factory certified and trained roofing contractor. Gambling with your new or recovered roof can lead to a disastrous outcome.

  1. Warranty Scams: Most manufacturers look for installation error to turn down liability. Pick factory certified contractors so that does not happen to you.
  2. Impaired Family Health: Most roofing contractors do not know how to calculate adequate ventilation requirements, as 85% of all homes do not have enough ventilation*. Inadequate ventilation causes mold. Mold flourishes in certain conditions where moisture, heat, and organic materials are prevalent. All three are found in inadequately ventilated attics.
    DOE: EPA Study 2006*
  3. Increased Energy Bills: Moisture content in the attic that has reach 2% will drop the R-Value of insulation 33%. That’s 1/3 loss in insulation by not having adequate ventilation.

Factory-Certified Installation

To ensure your total satisfaction, we provide our Certified contractors with extensive training materials developed by technical experts, enabling them to stay fresh in the latest roof installation techniques.


Superior Protection

Most people think that a new roof involves nothing more than nailing up some roofing products. Certified contractors know better, which is why they recommend Roofing Protection Systems. This gives you the best protection against a variety of all-too-common roofing problems. Each component used in the system is designed for that specific system to ensure proper protection, leak free performance, and warranty security.


“Worry-Free” and “Hassle-Free” Warranty Options

Because of their unique training and factory-certified status, Certified contractors are eligible to offer special warranties, all backed by the manufacturer’s financial clout. After all, a warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that stands behind it. With a Factory Certified roof, you know that you will be covered throughout the warranty period without fail! Don’t be afraid to ask us about which warranty option would be best for your home.


The Safe Bet

Don’t trust your biggest asset to just any contractor. Factory-certified contractors are your best and safest choice! Remember, for many reasons, a job worth doing is worth doing right.

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