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5 Reasons To Get Roof Leaks Fixed ASAP

 We know that home maintenance tasks are not the most exciting way to spruce up your home, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!  A roof leak is a good example of something homeowners should fix immediately – a small leak in a roof can lead to over $20,000 in repairs of flooring and […]

Van Martin metal work for flat roof

Roofing in all Seasons!

Van Martin is here to help throughout the year. Winter weather can drastically impact the most well-maintained roof. Our team is experienced, skilled and available to address any issues you may face. Call us for a free consultation.

Help! My Window is Stuck Open and It’s Storming!

It is raining and the window will not close. What can you do? You can’t go out and get replacement windows at a time like this. Most likely you are in an older Dayton home with wood frame windows that have received multiple coats of paint over the years. Paint is one of the main […]

3 Rules for Finding the Right Windows Company

Wouldn’t it be great if purchasing replacement windows was as easy as buying the glass cleaner to keep them shiny? The reality is much more like filing your taxes: The more prepared you are, the more you stand to gain. Our goal at Van Martin is to educate every Miami Valley homeowner. Our work doesn’t […]

Deciding on Siding: Cement Board vs. Vinyl

Warmer weather has arrived in the Miami Valley! And it looks here stay. For many of us, it’s high time we address the condition of the exteriors of our homes: that includes siding. By offering both James Hardie cement fiberboard and Mastic vinyl siding, Van Martin provides you with durable and attractive exterior solutions for siding […]

Leaking Skylights in Winter: Why Is My Skylight now a Faucet?!

Recently, I heard yet an another case of leaking skylights in winter, so without further ado, I have solutions for you. Let There Be Light…not Water! What better way is there to naturally warm a home during the chilly months in Dayton than with Skylights? (Assuming it’s sunny outside, of course.) Capturing the bright sunlight […]

No Roof Left Behind: A Great Opportunity to Give a FREE Roof

Mark your calendars for March 1st! Because beginning next Friday, we will be accepting nominations for deserving individuals/families living in Montgomery County who are in desperate need of a new roof. The bill for the new roof+installation is on us. That’s right: A Free Roof! Every one of us knows of friends, family, or active […]