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Van Martin metal work for flat roof

Roofing in all Seasons!

Van Martin is here to help throughout the year. Winter weather can drastically impact the most well-maintained roof. Our team is experienced, skilled and available to address any issues you may face. Call us for a free consultation.

Help! My Window is Stuck Open and It’s Storming!

It is raining and the window will not close. What can you do? You can’t go out and get replacement windows at a time like this. Most likely you are in an older Dayton home with wood frame windows that have received multiple coats of paint over the years. Paint is one of the main […]

Getting Rid of Roof Stains: The Rise of Roof Algae

Don’t let roof algae get in the way of your home’s beauty! Every year, hundreds of thousands of roofs on homes and other buildings succumb to algae’s trademark black stains. Why Does Algae Like My Roof? Algae get its fill consuming the powdered limestone filler that’s often added to the liquid asphalt in shingles to […]