4 Ways Heat Damages Your Kettering Roof

4 Ways Heat Damages Your Kettering Roof

Contrary to popular belief, winter is not the only season where you have to worry about the integrity of your roof. It’s true that you have much more to worry about, such as snow or ice dams, but summer comes with its own set of concerns. If you neglect your roof during the high temperatures of summer, it could lead to some expensive roof repairs. Here are just 4 ways heat damages your Kettering roof.

How Does Heat Affect My Roof?

The heat of summer essentially wears down your roofing material. Roof shingles will gradually overheat and sustain cracks and other damages. These damaged shingles will not be noticeable at the time, but when it rains you’ll have a leaky roof. 

The temperature of summer is not the only problem you’ll have to worry about; you’ll also have to keep the sunlight itself in mind. Ultraviolet rays from the sun progressively wear down your asphalt shingles over time, which can lead to several other issues.

1. Roof Replacement

Even the best roofing materials can have trouble handling the highest temperatures depending on the region. The heat and UV rays will constantly break down your roof over the summer. So unless you take action your materials could erode to a point beyond repair.

The elements of summer can cause your wood to bleach, crack, and generally wear down your roofing shingles and materials over time. To avoid an expensive roof replacement, ask your local roofing company in Kettering, Ohio if they use heat protectant materials. 

2. Storm Damages

The damages your roof incurs over the summer could lead to problems during the other seasons. In top shape, your roof should be able to handle most big storms. However, if your roof is already damaged from the summer, it might not be able to stand up to those brutal storms like before. 

It’s highly recommended to have a roofing contractor in Kettering, Ohio inspect your roof near the end of summer. At the very least, they should be able to point out any damaged areas or areas at risk, as well as providing helpful roof maintenance tips. 

3. Roof Leaks

The hot, murky humidity of summer could cause a fair amount of water damage. Condensation can descend under and around your shingles, which could cause leaks or water stains in your attic. Unless you have weatherproof materials on your rooftop, you might be looking at some costly shingle roof repair.

4. Roof Repair

If caught early enough, the damages your roofing system sustains can be fixed with a few repairs here and there. Look for dependable roofers in Kettering, Ohio who can provide you with quality roofing services. When the damage isn’t too severe, the damages can be patched or fixed with replacement shingles here and there. 

However, don’t just hire any roofing contractor. You not only want an experienced team on your roof, but you also want a team that carries the materials to prevent future damages to your roof.

How To Prevent Heat Damages To Your Roof

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