Can I Finance My Roofing Project?

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Can I Finance My Roofing Project?

A roof is a complex system made up of multiple working parts. There are several types of roofing in the industry, each requiring expertise and quality workmanship to properly install. As a result, most roofing projects are no cheap endeavor.

Not everyone is able to afford the costs of a replacement, and we at Van Martin understand that. This is precisely why we seek to offer financing options for our customers to help them afford their roofing projects. 

However, not all roofing contractors near you will offer this option. At the very least, most will leave it to you to figure out on your own. This is a hassle, and our team understands this. so when you need help financing your roof replacement in Dayton, Ohio, the Greater Dayton area, Miami Valley, and all of Southwestern Ohio, look to Van Martin.

Understanding the Cost of a Roof Replacement

Before you go forward with your project, it’s good to gain a rough understanding of the cost. Roof replacement costs vary greatly depending on location, square footage, and the type of roofing material you elect to go with. However, we’ve made this easy for you to get a rough estimation for your replacement.

Simply use Van Martin’s Instant Estimate tool and you’ll immediately be provided with a basic estimation of your replacement! All you have to do is type in your address, confirm which type of shingles you’ll want to be installed, and you’ll be provided with a rough estimate of your replacement project. 

However, this price is not completely accurate. The tool is simply meant to give you an idea of what your replacement project may cost. So for the complete picture and a fully accurate estimate, call Van Martin. We’ll give you a free estimate for your roof replacement!

What Your Roofing Contractor Will Do For You

As previously referred to, the ability to finance your roofing project depends on whether or not your local contractor will assist you with this. This is one of the services that separate the best roofers near you from roofing companies in Dayton, Ohio that aren’t committed to your investment.

When you’re looking for roofing companies near you that will provide this service, leave it to Van Martin. We’ll take care of the financing aspect of your project, and we’ll make the proper calls and communicate on your behalf to finance your project.

Van Martin’s Financing Options

Van Martin works with both Medallion and Mariner to finance your roofing project in Southwestern Ohio. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, we’ll go the extra mile to assist you in your replacement project. We’ll simply need to verify the details of your project, the scope of your project, your address, and some other information as well.

We understand that replacements are an expensive project, which is precisely why we provide this service. Here at Van Martin, we’re committed to superior craftsmanship and quality workmanship. Additionally, we’re also committed to make the entire experience easy and seamless for our customers. So give us a call to set up your free roof evaluation, and we’ll work with you to estimate and finance your project.

Why Choose Van Martin?

Van Martin works on all types of roofing, including but not limited to shingle, metal, and flat roofing systems. Furthermore, we work on all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. So when you require repairs or replacements on roofing, gutters and downspouts, Velux skylights, and siding systems, look to our team of experts for assistance.

We provide our services to all of Southwestern Ohio, including the regions of Centerville, Englewood, Kettering, Beavercreek, Vandalia, Miamisburg, and Northern Cincinnati. And we also have an option for those who still can’t afford a roof replacement despite financing options.  Apply to win a free replacement through our On The House program! This program gives out a free roof replacement twice a year to those in need. So when you need a roof replacement but can’t afford it, apply for On The House and tell us your story!

The team members at Van Martin Roofing collaborate with each other to deliver team-based solutions. At the end of the day, this means that you’ll have the best people working together to deliver the perfect roofing solution for you and your needs. So next time you require quality roofing services in Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, give us a call to schedule your free estimate or schedule your appointment online today!