How Long Will It Take to Replace My Roof?


How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

Are you curious and asking yourself: “How long will it take to replace my roof?” Well, a roof replacement is no casual home improvement project. To be done properly it requires the proper resources, time, and expertise. Furthermore, many home and business owners get sick and tired of the constant roof maintenance and yearn for something brand new.

However, this process will take either a few days or a few weeks. So before deciding on such an important decision, make sure to take the time into account.

At Van Martin, we understand that it is likely you will need to live in your home while we work on your replacement. Answering the question of how long this process will take can be tricky. This is due to the many variables that occur while working on a particular home’s roof in Dayton, Ohio.

Considerations When it Comes to Replacement

There are a few things that come into play when it comes to your replacement and how long it might take. These considerations will help give you a realistic look at how long your replacement will take:

  • Weather – There are certainly better times during the year to have your roof replaced. Spring and fall storms will cause delays. However, the shorter daylight hours, snow, and ice storms in winter will hinder your roof replacement. When you plan correctly, summer is one of the best times of the year for this kind of work. This does not mean that storms and rain won’t affect the replacement time, but it will lessen the chances of delays.
  • House Size – The time it takes for a replacement depends on the square footage of your home. The roofing shingles will be replaced in 2-3 days on a smaller home, and will possibly take 2-3 weeks on a bigger home for all the extra space. 
  • Materials Used – Which type of materials you chose will affect the time it takes to replace your old roof. Different underlayment systems, the way different materials are laid, and accessibility to materials are all factors that will extend or shorten the time of your roof replacement. All of these factors will determine how long your roof will take from start to finish.
  • Slope – Flat roofing systems are much easier to replace than a pitched roof. The slope determines how difficult, and therefore how long it would take for a replacement. 

Note: When the slope of your roof is more steep than flat, make sure you hire a reliable roofing contractor. Steep systems are notoriously more difficult to replace. When done improperly, it will lead to a litany of other problems. 

Have a Trusted Roofer Handle Your Replacement

The largest factor when it comes to how long a roof replacement takes is the quality of your contractor. A precise, and experienced roofing contractor will provide you with a schedule, letting you know when the work will be done. They will stick to that schedule, and update you on how the replacement process is going on your property. When you want service like this, give the team at Van Martin a call. 

Van Martin’s expertly trained workers will work hard to have your replacement installed as quickly as possible. We promise to provide the highest quality workmanship and service. When your replacement is installed you won’t have to worry about leaks, cracked shingles, and other issues.

As a certified CertainTeed Shinglemaster, Van Martin is a roofing company in Dayton, Ohio you’ll trust with your roofing and related systems.

Why Choose Van Martin?

Van Martin performs roof replacements in Dayton, Ohio on all properties. From smaller houses to larger homes, we’ll completely remove your existing roof and replace it with the material of your preference. We work on all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. So when you require a roof replacement for your property, call the experts at Van Martin.

Our team members have one goal in mind: to assist all home and business owners in Southwestern Ohio in making the best decisions with their roofing and related systems. And to ensure that your investment is covered in the long run, we also provide several workmanship and manufacturer warranties. 

Here at Van Martin, we care about our surrounding communities. To show this, we’ve rolled out our On The House program, which gives a free roof replacement to one homeowner once per quarter! Van Martin is committed to providing expert roofing and making the entire experience easy for you. To contact Van Martin, give us a call or schedule your roof evaluation online today!