6 Frequent Issues With Trotwood Gutters

6 Frequent Issues With Trotwood Gutters

It’s important to keep an eye on your gutter system. With proper gutter maintenance, your gutters could last up to 20 years. Therefore it’s very important to know what can go wrong with your gutters, and how to notice them. Here are 6 frequent issues with gutters that Trotwood, Ohio homeowners should be wary of. 

1. Small Debris Clogging Gutters 

Gutters and downspouts can easily become clogged up by leaves, dirt, branches, plant life, etc. If your gutters become clogged, they won’t be able to function properly. This could lead to some avoidable roof leak repairs in Trotwood, Ohio

So to avoid clogged gutters, you should consider installing gutter guards. Gutter guards, sometimes referred to as gutter covers, are easy to install and serve to prevent any debris from entering your gutter system, while letting water flow through easily. All types of gutter guards essentially work the same, with the most common being stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards. 

To learn more about gutter guards, click this link here.

2. Insufficiently Pitched Gutters

Any roof inspector will tell you that the ideal pitch for your gutters should run about one-fourth of an inch for every 10 feet. For those who are unsure about the pitch of their gutters, there’s an easy way to tell if they’re adequately pitched. 

Following heavy rainfall, check your gutters for any standing water. The presence of standing water may signal that your gutters aren’t pitched enough for water to flow through.

3. Gutter Leaks

The last thing any homeowner wants is a gutter leak. The most common causes of gutter leaks are shoddy gutter installations, hail damages, or aged gutter systems.

Fortunately, any small holes or cracks can be easily taken care of with some sealant. However, this is only a temporary solution. Hire a trustworthy roofing contractor for gutter repair in Trotwood, Ohio for a permanent fix. 

4. Ice Dams

Ice dams put an excessive amount of weight not only on your roof but also on your gutters. So in order to avoid ice dams, one must be wary of their roof at all times. Thus only regular roof maintenance by professionals will prevent issues like ice dams.

If you’re interested in learning more about ice dams and how to prevent them from forming, click this link here.

5. Unsuitable Downspouts

Downspouts are often overlooked by inferior roofing contractors in Trotwood, Ohio. In fact, leaks can often originate from second-rate downspout installations. Therefore, the runoff at the end of each downspout should be about 4-6 feet away from the siding/exterior of the home. By doing this, you can then prevent any leaks or water stains along the bottom of the property.

6. Sagging Gutter Systems

A surplus of debris in your gutters can not only lead to leaks, but also the collapse of your gutter system. The weight of these leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. weigh down on your gutters, causing them to sag. When this happens, your gutters won’t be able to properly drain water away from the property. 

Be sure to do regular gutter cleaning throughout the year. It’s recommended to clean your gutters at least two times a year. Although if you’re uncomfortable cleaning your gutters yourself, you can always find a professional gutter company in Trotwood, Ohio to do the job for you. 

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