3 Velux Skylight Accessories You Need Bellbrook, Ohio

3 Velux Skylight Accessories You Need Bellbrook, Ohio

There are so many pros and advantages to having a Velux skylight or sun tunnel installed in your home. They let more natural light into your home, can be very energy efficient, and can reduce roof maintenance. There’s no doubt that they’re a great home improvement option. However, have you ever thought about getting some skylight accessories on top of that? Here are just 3 of the many Velux skylight accessories you need for your Bellbrook home.

1. Blinds

Daylight and fresh air skylights are no doubt a great addition to your home. However, they can let in a lot of unwanted natural light into your home. If you want more control over this light, then you should consider finding a roofing contractor in Bellbrook, Ohio to install blinds on your skylights. 

Blinds placed under the flat glass of a skylight and can cover your Velux sun tunnel or skylight at your convenience. These blinds can be completely customized to your preference. They can be highly reflective and completely block out the sun, or they can be somewhat transparent and let in some sun.

2. Wall-mounted Keypads

Keypads can be used to operate just one skylight or multiple. They can be paired with any smart device and easily operated. You can set them to operate automatically, or manually operate them on your own. 

Velux wall-mounted keypads are generally around $300 for those who are interested. Finding an installer for any of these products should be fairly easy as long as they carry Velux products. However, it’s important to find a reliable roofing company in Bellbrook, Ohio to take care of this matter for you.

3. Remotes

Furthermore, remotes can be paired wirelessly with your skylight and can be operated just as effortlessly as a keypad. The big difference between a keypad and a remote is that a keypad can be paired with your phone depending on the product you get.

If you’re interested in any of these products plus more, then click this link here to browse every skylight accessory Velux offers.


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