Choosing Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are vital in protecting your home against nature’s elements. When choosing a type of rain gutter, consider cost, durability, aesthetics, and maintenance. Each rain gutter material has its advantages and disadvantages as described below.

Vinyl Rain Gutters

Vinyl rain gutters have become popular among do-it-yourself homeowners because they’re easily installed, low-maintenance, affordable, and lightweight. Also, they don’t rust or corrode. However, in extreme cold, they can grow brittle and crack, so they’re better for temperate climates.

Aluminum Rain Gutters

Aluminum gutters carry many of the same advantages as vinyl gutters, with an added benefit: they can withstand extremely cold weather. However, aluminum gutters can be dented if a good amount of pressure is put on them—for example, poor placement of a ladder could result in a dented gutter.

Steel and Copper Rain Gutters

For steel gutters, the main options are galvanized or stainless steel gutters. Galvanized steel gutters are becoming more popular because of their competitive cost and sturdiness. The main drawback is that these types of gutters will eventually rust. Stainless steel gutters are strong and won’t rust, but they are more expensive.

Copper gutters are beautiful, adding sophistication and elegance to a home. They are also incredibly strong and durable, lasting for decades. However, copper gutters require a notable investment, being the most expensive gutter option.

Wood Rain Gutters

A hundred years past, wood gutters were commonly installed, but as more easily installed, durable, inexpensive options arrived, wood gutters fell out of favor. Today, wood gutters are primarily installed on historical homes, where sustaining the style of the home is more important than cost and maintenance.

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