Roofing Accessories

The Importance of Roofing Accessories 

Van Martin installs a wide variety of different roofing accessories for your home or business. Accessories are very important when you want to maintain a quality roof. We carry everything from gutter guards to Velux skylights. So when you’re searching for roofers near you to install accessories, contact Van Martin today!

With one of our several options, you’ll be able to cut back on meddlesome roof repairs, roof maintenance, and roof leaks. Our roofing accessory options can also improve certain aspects of your home. For instance, our skylights can improve energy efficiency and natural lighting. Additionally, seamless gutters will match the aesthetic of your property while still protecting your roof from water-related damages. 

When you’d like to enhance the protection of your roof, gutters, or skylight, you’ll need a reliable roofing contractor to assist you in this endeavor. So leave it to Van Martin when you’d like us to install one of our quality roofing accessories. 



Gutters are not only an important roofing accessory, but they’re crucial to the well-being of your home. Add gutters to the eaves of your roof in either aluminum, steel, copper, or vinyl to protect the investment you are making into your home. Gutters help channel the water flowing off your roof away from the foundation of your home.

Van Martin installs several types of gutters and downspouts. We also install gutter guards for premier clog protection from leaves and other large debris. When it comes to our gutter services, Van Martin will ensure that your roof and gutters are prepared to handle anything that Mother Nature may throw at them.

velux skylights


Velux skylights allow shafts of natural light to illuminate your home while maintaining privacy. Constructed of insulated glass, combined with a durable metal frame, the smooth, low-profile FCM skylight does not obstruct your roofline.

Van Martin performs skylight installations and replacements. Our team has the experience and knowledge to install and replace all types of skylights and sun tunnels. Leave it to Van Martin when you’d like to reap the benefits of a skylight system. Additionally, we offer skylight accessories such as blinds, wall-mounted keypads, and remotes.



Proper insulation in your home will lower energy costs and help maintain temperatures within your home throughout the changing seasons. We work with the highest quality fiberglass blown-in insulation, made by Owens Corning. Fiberglass insulation has high energy saving R-Value and will not settle over time. Additionally, Owens Corning produces moisture/fire resistant insulation, ensuring the utmost protection.

solar panels on a roof

Solar Solutions

Attics are very hot places, with temperatures rising above 160 degrees. Venting your attic helps your building breathe, allowing the hot air and moisture that gets trapped to escape, therefore preventing costly issues due to overheating.

Solar ventilation is roof venting powered by solar energy. The end goal is to help circulate the hot air and moisture out of the building. Van Martin Roofing offers solutions that harness the power of the sun and will lower your energy costs.

Dangers of Subpar Roofing Accessories 

All of these accessories will serve to improve your roofing system as a whole. However, it’s important to not only choose a professional roofing company near you to perform the work, but also to have excellent accessories installed. Van Martin never compromises on quality, and that goes for all of our roofing products, materials, and accessories as well. For more information on all of our roofing accessories, the team at Van Martin would be happy to answer all of your questions. 

Why Choose Van Martin?

Choosing Van Martin to supply your roofing accessory needs is choosing a roofing company that is dedicated to setting your property up for success. No matter whether you’re located in the Greater Dayton area or anywhere in Southwestern Ohio, leave it to our team. We’ve been providing repairs and replacements for not only gutters, skylights, insulation, and solar solutions, but also roofing, siding, skylights, and more. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a full roof replacement or micro mesh gutter guards. We offer a wide variety of different manufacturer warranties on top of our workmanship warranty as well as financing options. No matter what your budgetary restrictions or general concerns are, Van Martin Roofing will work with you. We pride ourselves on not only our craftsmanship but also our responsive customer service.

Contact the team at Van Martin Roofing if you’re interested in any of our roofing accessories. We professionally install quality roofing accessories for all residential, commercial, and industrial systems. Get in touch with Van Martin today to schedule an estimate for your roofing project. We have 24/7 availability, so our quality workmanship and roofing expertise are available to you whenever you’re in need of them.