Should You Replace Your Roof?

You Should Replace Your Roof

Should You Replace Your Roof?

Your roof is perhaps the most important element of your home or commercial property. It protects your property from the elements of nature and gives your property the curb appeal you desire as well. As a result, your roofing system should be treated with care. And more importantly, you should know the circumstances for when you should replace your roof.

There are several factors that play into whether or not you should replace your roof. So you should know the pros and cons of repairs vs. replacement, how much a roof replacement costs, and the benefits of a roof replacement by Van Martin.

Roof Repairs vs. Roof Replacement

In some circumstances, it makes more sense to go with roof repairs rather than an entire replacement. However, sometimes the water damage will go too far, and an entire replacement is necessary. When you settle for repairs in these circumstances, you’ll find that you’ll be paying more in the long run, as this ignores the root source of the issue.

While roof repairs are cheaper and offer a more immediate solution, a replacement will no doubt deal with the issue at its source. But don’t make this decision lightly, the best way to ascertain whether or not you need a replacement is by contacting the best roofers near you. 

Van Martin’s roof inspectors are experts in the industry and will help you determine what is the best course of action. We seek to help all of our clients in making the best decisions with their roofing and related systems. So we guarantee you’ll get the best roofing solution for you and your investment.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

Of course, there’s the factor of the cost of replacing your roof. After all, removing, disposing of, and replacing your roof comes with an immense amount of work. With that amount of expertise, workmanship, and craftsmanship, the cost will be much more than repairs.

Many roofing contractors in Dayton, Ohio will provide you with a different estimate for the same project. However, it’s important to know that when you receive a low estimate, it’s most likely too good to be true, and you’ll receive subpar work which will affect your roof’s lifespan in the long run.

We understand how many homeowners want an exact estimate of their roof replacement in Dayton, Ohio. So we’ve introduced our Instant Estimation Tool! This is very easy to use, simply type in your address, and the type of roof you have, and you’ll be provided with a rough estimation of your replacement project. Once you have a rough understanding of the cost, contact Van Martin and we will set you up with a free roof estimate for your project.

The Benefits of a Roof Replacement

In the long run, replacing your roof makes much more fiscal sense. In fact, with you choose a trusted roofing company near you to handle it, your roof will be able to last at least 30 years. And with proper preventative maintenance and repairs, it could even last up to 50 years depending on the type of roofing system. Furthermore, there’s also the matter of curb appeal. When you replace your roof, it will greatly benefit your home’s curb appeal and style. 

Finally, when you opt to go for a replacement, you’ll see the resale value of your home sharply increase. After all, when people are looking to buy a new home the roof plays a huge role in that decision.

Why Choose Van Martin?

When you go with Van Martin for your replacement, we’ll tear off every layer of shingles, dispose of them safely, and replace every square foot. Whether you choose us for roofing, siding, gutters, or our Velux skylights which let in plenty of natural light, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality workmanship and superior craftsmanship. 

So next time you need a trusted roofing company in Dayton, Ohio to help you ascertain whether you need a replacement or repairs, look to Van Martin. We help with everything from storm damage repairs to preventative maintenance. We care about the well-being of our community as well as our quality service. So we’ve introduced our On The House program, which gives away a free roof replacement twice a year, so apply for a chance to win today!

We serve all of Southwestern Ohio, Northern Cincinnati, and the Miami Valley area. So give us a call to set up your free roof estimate or schedule your appointment online! We’ll be sure to answer any questions you have and provide an accurate estimation of your roofing project.