The Free Roof Finalists Are In – Who Wins Is Up To You

Time to Cast Your Ballet

Our community volunteers have selected the four finalists. All four are very deserving of a new roof, but we aren’t done yet. Now, these finalists need your vote to win the free roof and installation. By Clicking Here, you can read about their stories and learn why they need our help. You can even leave comments supporting the finalist to receive your vote and help spread the word via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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With a Free Roof on the Line, There’s No Time to Waste

Voting ends in a month (September 19th), and we want to make sure everyone who would like to participate has the opportunity to do just that; so, please, please help us by telling everyone you know. The more people who vote, the more momentum we build.


We Couldn’t Have Done This Without You

We loved the idea of getting the community involved with the nomination and voting process because the sense of ownership is shared. When we wanted to make a positive difference in our hometown, one of our biggest goals was to work hand-in-hand with Dayton natives, and we are so proud to have seen how many people have stepped up to the plate.

The success of this No Roof Left Behind is enhanced by the overwhelming support we have had from fellow Daytonians. We are anxious to get this project underway and remove a bad roof and a huge stressor for the finalist who receives the most votes. So please submit your vote without delay!

You Can Read about the Four Finalists Here:

For Pam

Dayton, OH

Pam has been a hard-working woman all her life but lost her job a few years ago. She has used up her life savings trying to keep her head above water while she has been trying to find a job.
Dayton Roofing Contractor
Her roof is failing, shingles are coming off when it is windy. She has no money to repair the house.
Dayton Roofers

My Child’s Life-Changing Decision

Dayton, OH

Renee is my youngest daughter. She had a lucrative career at 31 and did not plan on having a family. She started dating a man and a few months later his sister lost custody of her three children. The children were separated and in foster care. Renee and her boyfriend took these boys in even with their developmental and mental issues. Quickly they decided to go for custody and get married despite the family turmoil this caused. Renee took a lesser job to have more family time and spent all her 401k to get the kid’s proper help.
Dayton Roof Repair
She got pregnant during this time and had a stroke. This now affected her new job. She had to quit to take care of a preemie and the other three kids. Life was hard but they have managed now for 11 years. She and her husband both work but have a hard time making ends meet. They desperately need a roof. Their roof leaks and their youngest child has asthma. I worry about mold and dampness. They have helped others, can you help them?

Needing a Blessing

Dayton, OH

I am a mother of three two girls (6 months & 9) one boy (7) I take care of my disabled father and I am trying to finish school for real estate property management my time is devoted to my family and helping others but recently due to having to leave work bills adding up a lack of income it has been a struggle my roof has an unidentified leak that I paid to get patched but was done wrong and I just can not afford the much-needed renovations if choosing I not only would be appreciative I also vow to return this blessing to another one day thank you for considering my family.

A Heart Of Gold Deserves to Shine

Dayton, OH

My friend Robin is 53 and has been widowed for 22 years. Her husband of 7 years died at the age of 37. Robin picked up the pieces and moved on. She worked 11 years helping MRDD, Schizophrenic and homeless clients. Her last job, working with chemicals ended in 2010 after Robin was forced to take early retirement because of medical conditions which includes severe Asthma, severe panic attacks, and anxiety. Difficulty breathing during the day she is forced to use a nebulizer, several inhalers, and a c-pap machine daily.
Dayton Roofer
Robin has a heart of gold and loves helping other people despite her fixed income, giving a person her last. The house she purchased with her pension is in need of repairs. Her roof leaks when it rains causing her bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen to leak. Her meager income makes it impossible to make needed repairs thus making her a perfect candidate.