Velux Skylights Installed by a Roof Contractor With Their 5-Star Certification

AccessoriesMany homes in the Dayton area need extra lighting. Natural light is the best source for your eyes and can be obtained in your house with Velux skylights. A professional roof contractor will install these skylights correctly and will guarantee them not to leak.

The Right Place

The Velux skylight needs to be installed on the roof in the right place for maximum lighting and stability. Dayton has a lot of sunshine and these skylights take advantage of that. Installing them on the wrong part of the roof loses a lot of light. A good roof contractor will know the best place to install these natural lights on your roof.

Different Styles

There are many different styles of Velux skylights. Some of these skylights are fixed while others slide open. There is one that is solar powered with a rain sensor and will close automatically if it starts raining. During nice weather, they will open to help circulate fresh air throughout the house. There are also different shapes available, including round and rectangular.

Installing The Skylight

Shingles need to be torn off and a hole cut in the roof between rafters. Support boards will then need to be installed on the rafters where the skylight will sit. This needs to be done right or else you can have problems with leaking which will create a lot of problems.

Built Right

The Velux skylights are built to last many years without any maintenance. They have a built-in flashing to help seal the seams around the light. High quality skylights like those from Velux will add value and style to your house.

5-Star Certification

Finding a professional roof contractor with a 5-Star rating to install your Velux skylight ensures you get the best quality installation. Van Martin specializes in Velux skylights and has achieved the highest rating with it’s 5-Star Certification.

Contact Van Martin Roofing in the Dayton area to find out how adding a Velux skylight can improve the lighting in your home.

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