A Tree Fell On My Roof! What Do I Do?

Storm DamageIf a tree falls on your home’s roof, you will not react by calmly sitting down at your computer and searching the internet for “tree on my roof.” After reading this post, consider printing it out and putting it up in a handy spot, but at Van Martin Roofing we sincerely hope you never need this type of Dayton roof repair.

There’s a Tree on Our Roof!

  • Is anyone hurt? Call for the police and an ambulance.
  • Are electrical lines involved? Call the power company.
  • Is there damage? From a safe location, call your homeowner’s insurance company. Explain what happened and ask the insurer to recommend a remediation or restoration service (they operate 24/7).
  • Is the tree still on the roof? Clear everyone, including pets, out of all rooms at the affected end of your Dayton home. Take pictures from a safe distance to document damage.
  • Did the tree glance the roof and land in the yard? Survey the damage from a safe distance, keeping everyone back. Take pictures to document damage.
  • Did the tree barely scratch the roof? If you feel you can do so safely, consider stapling a tarp over the impact area to prevent water damage to your home’s interior. Or wait for professional help. Damage to interior property will be covered by the same policy that pays for getting the tree off your roof.
  • I own a chainsaw—can I remove the tree myself? No! The tree and your home are unstable. Leave the risk to life and property in the hands of a professional tree trimmer, remediation service, and roofer. Verify that any company working on your Dayton home is fully insured, including liability coverage to protect their workers.

Getting Dayton Roof Repair in an Emergency

After a tree falls on your Dayton roof, you may feel you are thinking calmly and clearly, but you are not. Let your insurance company steer you to reputable remediation services and a trustworthy roofer, such as Van Martin Roofing who is able to handle emergency repairs.

  • The remediation service removes the tree and protects your home and contents. They may warehouse your furniture temporarily, also.
  • A qualified roofer repairs or replaces the roof to the insurer’s satisfaction.
  • A contractor restores walls, windows, and interiors.

Trust professionals, from insurer to roofer, to provide the Dayton roof repair and home restoration you need to feel safely at home again. Contact Van Martin Roofing, a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster, for any roofing or exterior repairs that need to be done to your home after it incurs damage.

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