Transform Your Gutters Into A Work Of Art With Rain Chains

For centuries, Japanese homes and temples have used rain chains as an alternative to downspouts on gutters. These decorative pieces are now being used in homes all across the world, and they are a great way to upgrade the look of your Dayton home.

What Are Rain Chains?

LakeA rain chain is a series of containers, connected by a chain that directs water from your gutters to a basin or piece of landscaping. Most rain chains use either flower or bucket shaped cups with a variety of available link designs to match the exterior theme of your home. When the water drains, you have a beautiful water fixture that you may find calming.

Which Shape Should You Use?

Areas of light rainfall can make use of a simple link rain chain, but they do not function well in a heavy downpour. Dayton homes benefit more from the cup style chains, as they can hold much more water and direct it through the fixture more effectively.

How Are They Installed?

The installation of rain chains is very easy. First, the downspout must be removed from the gutters. Then, you install the hanging attachment inside the hole where the downspout used to be. In cases where the hole is larger than the hanging attachment, you may need to use a step down pipe to reduce the size of the hole.

Will The Chains Damage Your Gutters?

Rain chains are generally lightweight and can be easily supported by most gutters. Although, if you are installing a long rain chain (more than 20 feet), you will need to add some reinforcement to your gutter for it to be able to handle the weight of the water the containers can hold.

The only time you have to worry about potential damage is during some of the severe ice storms in Dayton. To counteract the effects, you may want to insulate your chains with heat tape or de-icing solvent.

Rain chains are a terrific addition to any gutter system, and they are an inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s exterior. The next time you have your gutter system serviced by a Dayton roofer, like Van Martin Roofing, ask them about installing a rain chain instead of a downspout.

For more information on rain chains, or if you need gutters replaced on your home, contact Van Martin Roofing.

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