Approaching Shingle Roofing Replacement

As winter is fast approaching, it’s a good idea to evaluate the condition of your roof. Inevitably, roof shingles will deteriorate and require shingle roofing replacement. As shingles age and withstand nature’s elements, they will crack, warp, blister, and even fall off.

When it comes time for shingle roofing replacement, find a reputable Dayton, Ohio roofing contractor, such as Van Martin Roofing, to replace these shingles and save you from costly home repairs caused by an aged, inadequate roof.

Dayton Roof RepairAs you work with your roofing contractor, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Be sure that the contractor checks for underlying structural damage

If your shingles are long overdue for replacement, your roof could have suffered from Ohio storm damage and/or hidden leaks. Underlying structural damage will need to be repaired before the shingles can be replaced.

Acquire a written estimate and set a budget

Be sure that your roofing contractor provides you with a written estimate after personally inspecting your roof. Then, decide upon a budget and work with your contractor to stick with it. For many residential homeowners, cash can be a concern, but to avoid the costly home repairs caused by a weathered roof, it’s important for homeowners to invest in timely shingle roofing replacement, no matter the obstacles. Therefore, if cash is a concern, speak with your roofing contractor or a local bank about financing your project over a period of time.

Decide on a roofing material

Oftentimes, your budget will determine the type of material to use. Discuss your options with your roofing professional, and decide upon the material that works best for you. Typically, you can choose from asphalt shingles, slate shingles, tile, or metal roofing options.

Ask the roofing contractor about their installation techniques

Be sure that your roofing contractor avoids common installation mistakes, such as improper nailing, improper leak protection, and the reuse of flashing. Ask the contractor whether they follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper nailing to ensure a close-fitting seal between the shingle and the decking. Also, be sure that the contractor provides proper moisture protection, such as a waterproof membrane along eaves and valleys and an ice-and-water shield to protect chimneys, wood decking, pipe flanges, and roof connections. Lastly, insist that the Ohio roofing contractor installs new flashing. Old flashing may appear serviceable but could be damaged, causing major home repairs.

Maintain your new roofing

Talk with your roofer about the type of maintenance required for the roofing material. Adhere to their advice to ensure the longevity of your investment.

To schedule an appointment for an estimate, contact Van Martin Roofing at 937-222-7855 or through the Van Martin website. Van Martin Roofing is a trusted, locally-owned roofing contractor with the expertise and experience to handle all of your Dayton, Ohio roofing needs.