Time to (Re) Consider a Metal Roof

What first comes to mind when you think of a metal roof?

You may picture a glossy “barnyard” look that clashes with the home.  Or hear the loud tap of rain splatter the roof. You may even believe they are reserved for industrial buildings and Medieval architecture.

So why do you see more and more of them covering the residences of neighbors, friends, and family. The truth is that Americans aren’t warming up to metal roofs for their Dayton homes for no reason.

Mother Earth and Metal Roofs might as well be friends on Facebook

Metal roofs live up to the “green” mentality sweeping the nation. They often consist of 30-60% recycled materials and can save homeowners money on their energy bill. They can also be installed right over your existing roof, eliminating your carbon footprint along with reducing your waste removal and labor costs.

Beauty isn’t just “shingle” deep

Being Eco-friendly is great, but the reality is most of us need more to be sold on the idea. In particular, we need to know we won’t cringe every time we pull up to our home. Thanks to new technology, metal roofs have outgrown that barnyard appearance.

You’ll find a wide variety of designs, colors, and textures are now available, making metal the most versatile roofing material on the market! Metal shingles (whether they’re copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum), can be made to look like slate, wood shake, and even tile.

Tough as the nails that fastened them

Looking for little to no maintenance for at least half a century. You’re in the right place. It’s common for metal roofs to outlast 50 year warranties, as they’re resistant to shrinking, cracking and erosion. Metal roofing can withstand severe weather and resists hail storms, heavy rain, snow and wildfires. The interlocking systems allows for protection during strong wind. The copper roof atop the Hildersheim Cathedral, installed in 1280 A.D., survives to this day!

The commotion about the perceived commotion is unwarranted

There is a myth that metal roofs are louder than other types of roofs during a rainstorm. As long as the roof is properly installed with correct underlayments, (the Van Martin crew ensures this happens), it won’t be any louder than an asphalt roof. We can’t guarantee you’ll look forward to rainy days, but you won’t dread them…at least not because every drizzle sounds like golfball-sized hail.

There’s so much to gain

On top of energy savings and limited maintenance, many insurance companies see the benefits of metal roofing and offer their customers discounts on their homeowner’s insurance policy. Property values can increase up to $1.45 a sq. foot. We may not be a brokerage firm, but we know a sound investment when we see one.

Now that you have the facts, please don’t hesitate to call the guys at Van Martin Windows & Roofing at (937) 222-7855.