Skylight Solutions for Your Home

Allowing natural light to filter throughout your home saves on energy bills while ensuring a bright, homey atmosphere. Skylights offer beauty, elegance and charm in a way that is functional and cost-saving. Van Martin Roofing offers a variety of VELUX skylights and accessories for your home.


Electric Venting Skylights

A vented skylight allows you to open and close the window when it is convenient for you. The VELUX electric vented skylight runs on a remote control, making it easy for homeowners to open and close it to let in extra ventilation. It offers the convenient feature of closing automatically when it rains. Vented skylights are commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture levels often rise and fall. If you want to be in control of monitoring the ventilation in your home, this is a convenient way to do it while letting natural light permeate.

Fixed Skylightsfixed-skylight

A fixed skylight remains in a fixed position, allowing light to filter through into your home. Fixed skylights are most convenient in areas that don’t require ventilation. They are generally less expensive than the electric versions, making them ideal for adding extra light to dark living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. If moisture is not a concern, this could be a good option for allowing natural light into your space.


Once your skylight is installed, you can choose from a variety of accessories to accommodate extra sunlight pouring into your home. The VELUX accessory line includes blinds, solar blinds, blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, remote controls and wall-mounted key pads.

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