5 Warning Signs You May Need an Emergency Roof Repair

sm_torn_cracked_brokenAny homeowner who lives in Dayton or the surrounding Montgomery County area is intimately familiar with how harsh the local spring rain storms can be. In addition to the high winds, they bring an inordinate amount of water in a short period of time and also move a massive amount of leaves and other debris around. Here are just a few things to watch for on your roof:

  • Debris on the Roof – While broken tree limbs have probably already done all the immediate damage that they can to your roof, they do pose an additional hazard to you, your family and your guests. It is important to have the debris removed as soon as possible so that they don’t break a window or hurt anyone when they fall.
  • Clogged Gutters – Similarly, leaves can be blown around and, while relatively easy to remove when dry, they can clump when dampened and make the cleaning process far more complicated. The real issue with this situation is that clogged gutters can back up rainwater that can then infiltrate your home and cause significant amounts of damage
  • Hail Damage – Fairly obvious when it happens, hail damage is immediate and usually severe. It can range from dented vents to actual perforations in the roof. If a severe hail storm affects your house, it is imperative that you get a roofing professional to inspect the roof as soon as possible after the storm.
  • Torn or Uplifting Shingles – High winds are a major problem for even the best laid roofs. After any particularly violent storm, the prudent homeowner should inspect his roof from the ground. If you see any torn or otherwise damaged shingles, it is time to have a professional roofer take a closer look to ensure that the damage is only minor and repair it as needed.
  • Roof Penetrations – Easily the most serious problem that faces a homeowner in a storm is an actual penetration of the roof. In addition to allowing wind and water into the interior space of the house, it also lets the storm attack the more vulnerable parts of the roof. This type of damage needs to be covered as soon as possible with a timely emergency roof repair.

Another thing that comes along with storm damage is having to deal with an insurance claim. Van Martin Roofing will be happy to walk you through this process. If you’ve suffered damage to your Dayton home from a spring storm , or if you aren’t sure and would like an inspection, call a qualified professional here at Van Martin Roofing.

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