Roof Replacement and Attic Insulation in Dayton Ohio

By: Ken Kelly, President, Kelly Roofing, Naples, FL


Through storm damage or just normal life deterioration roof replacements are big ticket items homeowners must deal with at some point.  Paying for a roof is no small task and can often be offset by incorporating savings through energy reduction, something that is often overlooked.

The problem:

Over time, insulation can compress and lose its insulating properties.  Cellulose and wood fiber insulation creates a potential fire hazard.  The Department of Energy recommends much higher insulation levels, measured in “R-Value”, than required by building codes.

The benefit:

Increasing attic insulation R-Value can easily pay off the investment in just a few years, and then pay for the roof over the next 20-years.  Homes with “hot spots or cold spots” become more comfortable with the correct insulation amounts.  By increasing the insulating properties of a home the mechanical equipment will run less frequently, thus extending the life of heating and air condition systems.  Owens Corning, one of the largest manufacturers of insulation in the world, estimates that by increasing an attic’s insulation levels to R-38 will save at least 20% on heating and cooling expenses.

The reason:

By including attic re-insulation with a reroof application installers are able to remove roof decking and enter the attic from above, saving on labor costs and ensuring even the hardest to reach areas are insulated properly.

Talk to Van Martin Roofing contractor about the advantages of attic reinsulating.  You’ll be glad you did.

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