Roof Repair – Identifying the Solution to a Leak

A leaking roof is rarely something expected and never a pleasant occurrence for homeowners in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Certain times, the leak may be caused by the age of the roof or a recent weather-related event such as hail or high winds; however, one of the most prevalent causes is improper installation of the current roofing system. Leaks often indicate immediate roof repairs are necessary to prevent further damage.

Many homeowners believe that, because their roof is leaking, it will need to be replaced. But before you seek to replace it, consider this. We conduct honest assessments of your roof and typically conclude that roof repairs can be made rather than replacing the entire system.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement

At Van Martin, we examine a variety of factors, including the following:

– The age of the roofDayton Roof Repair

– The condition of the accessories including the flashing and pipe boots

– Any and all penetrations and changes in the slope of the roof

– Dayton, Ohio chimneys, which are prone to leaking

Please visit our repair section to identify the specific area of your roof causing the leak.  You can also Click Here to review a helpful graphic that covers various signs of damages.

If you decide to climb on your roof yourself and attempt the inspection yourself, use extreme caution at all stages. Make certain you have shoes with good grips, textured gloves, and another person on hand to assist you if necessary! Choose a cool, dry day.

Remember, most of the time, it’s easiest to leave caring for your roof to the professionals! Van Martin is a certified roofing contractor in Dayton Ohio that has trained employees to locate and fix the most difficult roofing leaks. We can handle all your roof repair needs. We are equipped to handle every job with the best outcome for you and your home in mind.