How Much Can Insulated Windows Save Me?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou get regular checkups for yourself, but have you considered a checkup for your home? A home energy audit is a great way to see where you can save money on energy, and keep your family cool in summer and warm in the chilly Dayton winter. Therefore simple changes, like replacement insulated windows, can amount to big savings.


What is an Energy Audit?

A whole-house audit will include an evaluation of where you spend money on energy.

  • Leaks around windows, in attics, and in basements and crawl spaces limit the efficiency of your climate control system.
  • Leaks in ducts can be improved with duct tape to keep air properly flowing.
  • Your water heater and pipes may be more efficient with insulation.
  • Review of refrigeration, lighting, and use of electrical and gas resources can help you see where you can save on your utility bill.


How Do I Do an Energy Audit?

Your utility company has resources, or choose a company here in Dayton to advise you.

  • Of course, be aware that some companies rush through their work. Thus, a sloppy job will cost you money in energy expenses.
  • Choose an experienced contractor with good reviews and a variety of services.
  • Look for experience in and around Dayton. National franchises don’t have the knowledge of key climate issues or construction specifics for Dayton. Hence, a local company is always best.


What is the Best Use of My Budget for Energy Savings?

Your home audit will show you where you spend the most money on energy. Start there for ideas.

  • A top concern for most homes is windows. Therefore, insulated replacement windows will make an immediate improvement.
  • Seal up gaps around windows.
  • Select energy-efficient panes that will eliminate leakage.
  • Choose quality products that will last. Installing inexpensive replacement windows will mean replacing those windows within a few years. Quality windows, installed properly, will save you money for years to come.
  • Choose a professional company that will properly install your replacement windows. All of the openings, sills, and frames should be secure and tight. Go local – a Dayton company, like Van Martin Roofing, will be nearby to stand behind their work.


Don’t be afraid to make a phone call and get expert advice. Remember, Van Martin Roofing will be happy to take the time to help you get started on your home energy audit.

Contact Van Martin Roofing for information on energy-efficient replacement windows for your Dayton home. We install windows from several quality companies and can help you choose the best ones for your home.

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