3 Things That May Indicate You Need Emergency Roof Repair

The roof is an important element of your Dayton home, something that should be pretty obvious as it’s the first line of protection against the elements. Even the smallest leak should be inspected, since what seems like a small problem can eventually grow into a large problem – and therefore a more costly problem – if not taken care of. The following are some things that may indicate the need for emergency roof repair:


  • The age of your roof – Every roof has a lifespan and once it begins to reach the end of it, it’s going to begin exhibiting certain problems. This happens due to the fact that every roof sustains enormous wear and tear over the years from all of the elements, from rain to sleet, not to mention damage sustained by debris and tree branches. Even exposure to the sun will eventually cause the surface to weaken and deteriorate over time. If you know that your roof is old, then you should have it inspected in case it has some damage that may need emergency roof repair.
  •  Improper maintenance – Owning a Dayton home means that you need to maintain your roof for it to last. This can include trimming nearby tree branches so that they don’t scratch off the granules and removing debris, such as leaves, which hold moisture and will weaken the roof’s materials. Clearing the gutters is also important as, if clogged, water can back up under the edge of the roof causing moisture damage. Checking for damage from animals is also something to be looked at. Having a roof inspection done once or twice a year will help extend the life of your roof and catch problems before they can cause severe damage.
  •  Improper installation – If the roof was not properly installed, then all kinds of problems can arise. For example, not calibrating the nail gun before tacking down shingles can lead to unsecured shingles that can eventually lead to leaks.

These are just some of the reasons why your roof might need emergency roof repair. By not repairing your roof, the materials of your roof can become more damaged and water can end up leaking into your Dayton home, not only causing damage to the structure of your roof and possibly your house, but also damaging the possessions inside.

Here at Van Martin Roofing we are equipped to deal with all types of emergency roof repair needs, whether it needs to be done within a few days or within a few hours. Contact Van Martin when you are in need of emergency roof repair or for an inspection of your Dayton roof.

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