Just for Fun: Roofing Humor


Dayton Roof RepairTopics regarding roof repair and replacement can often be drier than a hot, August day: subjects such as proper installation and safety are serious for good reason. But that doesn’t stop us from having a little fun every now and then.

Everyone can appreciate the value of a good pun, even roofing contractors. For example, the first rule of roofing is to find a contractor that will give you a good flashing.

And it’s best to make sure that the roofing specialist you choose isn’t prone to barking and/or chasing cats. While some contractors may claim to specialize in “roofing,” it’s up to you to research and verify their qualifications, read their reviews from places such as Angie’s List and the Dayton Better Business Bureau, and match their prices against other roofers in the Miami Valley.

Avoid Having a ‘Ruff’ Day

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When push comes to shove, finding the contractor with a proven track record to ensure best industry practices are followed. Laying tiles, for example, is a critical part of roof repair and replacement and can be dog tiring for inexperienced roofers.

Dayton Roofing Contractor

The highly-rated roofers are going to use the best materials. They won’t cut corners and aren’t satisfied by providing substandard solutions for your home. These “cheap” fixes often ‘drain’ money for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they need replacing not long after installation; other times, they are energy hogs.

Roofing Jokes

Question: What is it that keeps roofing teams together?
Answer: Trussed

Question: Why did the roofer go to the doctor?
Answer: Because he had a bad case of shingles.

Question: Why did the roofer have to go to the dentist?
Answer: He couldn’t stop biting his nails.

Question: What is fallen debris from the edge of the roof called?
Answer: Eavesdropping

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