You’re Hired! Hiring Dayton Siding

The time has come; you need new siding. And if you’ve ever had work repairs on your Dayton home, you know to do your due diligence when researching local Miami Valley home construction companies. Just as important is research on the products. Dayton siding might not be as exciting as a new bathroom, but it’s critical you find the right siding for your home.

With so many types and variations of each type, it can be dizzying trying to “hire” the right product for your home. And where do you start with you research? Most siding companies have their own biases. We’re independent, which means we’ve vetted many of the industry-leading brands. We are experts at installing two of the most popular siding types on the market today: Vinyl and Fiber Cement.

Hiring Vinyl

Dayton Siding Experts If Vinyl were applying for a job, it would win over any employer. For one, Vinyl is as versatile as they come. It has certainly come a long way since its introduction in the 1950s right here in Ohio. It can be made to look like other materials (it does a great wood impression). With vinyl, you’ll likely be able to find the right color and style to suit your Dayton home’s architecture.

On top of its versatility, vinyl’s rate is highly negotiable. It is often the most affordable material on the market, but you can also choose mid-range or higher-end vinyl options such as foam-backed vinyl.

Hiring Fiber Cement

Dayton Siding ExpertsThe other great candidate is fiber cement, which is a composite siding. Fiber cement is very reliable. It is entrusted with holding up against all sorts of torrent weather. Assuming it has been properly installed and maintained (see hiring the right contractor), it can withstand winds of up to 140 mph. That kind of reliability can sometimes save you money on your homeowners insurance. It’s also a solid choice if you’re looking for a fire-resistant material.

Brand new siding is one of the most significant ways of improving your Dayton home’s curb appeal. Let us help you hire the best siding for your Dayton home. We have the right siding for the job.

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