Flat Roof Series 6: Know Your Flat Roof Repair Options

Is there a maze of buckets filling up with water in your building? Does a roll of duck tape sit right next to your desk at all times? Does the noise of dripping water have you grinding your teeth? Your flat roof deserves better than patchwork repairs because proper maintenance can extend its life by many years and save you future headaches. (And also, you’re likely to soon run out of buckets.)

But confusion about where to start may be preventing you from taking action. All it takes is knowing your options.

First thing’s first, proactively examining your ceiling and roof will help with early detection. Should you identify the leak, set buckets underneath leaks to collect the water. They do nothing to fix the problem, but they can at least prevent damages to the interior of your building. It is also a good idea to put up a tarp on your roof as you choose a course of action – either fixing a roof yourself or choosing a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof.

If your flat roof is fairly new, give the roofing company who installed it a call and see if it is covered under a warranty. If you have an older roof, or the original installer will not fix it for some reason, you have 4 options.

  1. Fix the roof yourself (not recommended unless you are a professional).
  2. Have a roofing local contractor who specializes in repairing flat roofs repair your roof.
  3. If your roof is at the end of its life, get a free estimate for a new roof, as replacing it will likely be the best option so that you don’t waste money with continual repairs.
  4. Get a Van Martin warranty.

The Best Option for Your Flat Roof Is the Van Martin Way

It used to be impossible to estimate how much roof repairs to your flat roof will cost you over the course of its life. Tomorrow, a powerful storm could rip across the Miami Valley and cause your roofing system to fail. If you have a flat roof warranty, you will see our Van Martin trucks pulling into your place of business in the next 24 hours. Why’s that? Because at the first signs of a leak, you give us a call, and we handle it from there. Simple as that.

As a building owner, you have enough on your plate. More importantly, you can’t budget for the unknown. A Van Martin warranty puts you in control and takes the ‘un’ out of the unknown.

The flat roof warranty we offer takes the guesswork and the worrying out of flat roof maintenance. So, rather than stocking up on buckets and keeping a list of Dayton contractors’ numbers at your desk, give us a call at (937) 222-7785, and get back to running your business. That’s the Van Martin Way.