Finding and Repairing Common Roof Leaks

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When inspecting your roof in the spring or fall, you should look for and repair roof leaks. Leaks often occur around shingles, near chimneys, or in roof valleys. Pay careful attention to these areas when looking for leaks.

Shingle Leaks

Whether shingles are composed of slate, shake, or composite, they can suffer damage resulting in leaks. When inspecting shingles, look for tears, cracks, missing granules, unfilled nail holes, or displaced tiles. If the damage is not extensive, you may be able to repair the leak by replacing a few shingles. However, if the damage is widespread and severe, you may want to contact an experienced Dayton roofing contractor, such as Van Martin Roofing, for shingle replacement.

Chimney Leaks

Chimneys are common leak locations. When inspecting your chimney, look for older caulking, flashing problems, and cracked cement caps. If necessary, peel off and replace the old caulking and roof sealant around the base. Also, examine flashing for damage and replace it, as needed. Be sure to use a higher quality flashing cement to re-caulk the area.

If the chimney leak is extensive and caused by a structural problem, such as brick displacement or cracked mortar joints, then you may want to call a local roofing contractor for assistance.

Roof Valley Leaks

Valleys are areas between roof slopes that often collect dirt and debris. Over time, valleys can deteriorate, allowing water to leak into your home. Also, if your roof sags over time, pools of water can collect in valleys. The weight of the water can erode roofing materials, causing leaks. Also, if valley metal has buckled or fasteners have been installed in the valley’s center, issues can result.

Leaks in roof valleys tend to be complicated and beyond the scope of a typical do-it-yourself homeowner. Therefore, you may want bring in a professional roofing contractor to repair the leak.

Beyond anything, if you are uncomfortable working on your roof or feel that a roof repair is beyond your expertise, contact a trusted Dayton roofing contractor, such as Van Martin Roofing at 937-222-7855 or through the Van Martin website. Van Martin Roofing is a certified, locally owned roofing contractor with the know-how and experience to handle all of your Dayton, Ohio roofing needs.