Cedar Shake and Shingle Roofing

Ever heard of cedar shake? No, it’s not a dance. Cedar shake roofs use wooden shingles that are made from logs split in a manner that reveals the natural grain of the wood.  These roofs have a distinctive look because the thickness and length of each shingle can vary. It’s not a very common choice among homeowners, which is why we are excited to have begun construction on a roof using this fascinating material.Dayton Cedar Shake Roofing Contractor
Cedar shake is a green roofing solution that dates back 3,000 years to the days of ancient Jerusalem. For many reasons, cedar shake rooftops are undeniably beautiful. But that’s not all this solution has to offer.

Dayton Cedar Shake Roofing ContractorA Distinctive Look that’s ‘Right at Home’ with Your Home

Cedar shakes preserve the historical appearance of a home. The rustic beauty assimilates well with older homes, in particular those built in the Dayton and Oakwood area. Shakes are thicker than shingles and have a textured roof aesthetic. The varied texture and color of the wood as well as the natural weathering it endures over time gives it a look that cannot be entirely recreated by any other type of material. As an added bonus, cedar is a great insulator and can help lower heating and cooling costs.

Tough as Nails

Cedar shake is light and breathable: it doesn’t add significant weight to your structure because it is only 2-3 pounds per square foot. At the same time, it is very durable. Properly installed, a cedar shake roof can withstand winds up to 160 miles per hour. Cedar contains naturally-occurring chemicals that help protect the wood from decay; a properly treated and maintained cedar roof will last you up to 50-60 years. Cedar can be treated with special chemicals to make them permanently fire resistant. This special material is also more resistant to hail damage than most other materials, are fairly easy to repair, have little chance for leaking because of the multiple applies, and can be walked on without damaging them. It can resist snow sliding because of the surface adhesion cedar provides.

Lasting Beauty

A cedar shake roof is an investment you’ll enjoy for as long as you own your home. No other roof system on the market possesses the beauty and longevity of a professionally installed cedar roof.

Finding the Right Roofer for Cedar Shake Is Key

One of the most difficult materials to properly install, a cedar shake project requires a great deal of craftsmanship and experience. If you’re interested in learning more about or obtaining a quote for a cedar shake roof, please contact the local Dayton family-owned an operated contractors at Van Martin at (937) 222-7855 or by Clicking Here.