Attic Ventilation About More Than Hot Air

Proper attic ventilation is often a topic discussed with Dayton Ohio roofing companies by prospective customers. If a homeowner has moved to the Dayton area from the sunny south, attic ventilation means something different from what Ohioans mean. After all, a true Ohioan knows Dayton’s four seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Almost Winter, and Construction Ahead. Correct attic ventilation and insulation of your Dayton-area home is all part of effective, energy-efficient roofing.

Separate Your Zones

17aYour Dayton home’s living space should be comfortable and cozy, all year long. Your home’s attic, by contrast, should mimic the great Ohio outdoors as much as possible. Dayton Ohio roofing companies understand this, and re-roof homes to provide adequate ventilation for our climate. This means recommending plenty of insulation on the attic floor (above the ceiling of your living space) and providing airflow through the attic at the temperature of the outside air.

Ridge vents and attic ventilators provide some of this proper airflow. Soffit vents and gable vents may also be needed. The goal is to keep attic air cold in winter and warm in summer, without affecting the living space.

Airtight is All Right

Dayton Ohio roofing companies that respect their customers—such as Van Martin Roofing—will discuss sealing air leaks as part of the overall energy upgrade a new roof provides. Attic ventilation and insulation separates attic air from the expensively treated air inside your home.

Especially important in sealing the living space apart from the attic is to ensure airtight space above the top plate of the exterior walls (at the spot where roof rafters touch the walls). Here rafter baffles are key:

  • Plastic forms that fit snugly in rafter bays
  • Separate attic airflow from the air in the living space
  • Prevent attic insulation from clogging soffit airspace
  • Prevent ice dams, because the roof and attic airspace will be as cold as outside temperatures

No Holes

While Dayton Ohio roofing companies cannot have much influence over your interior construction, holes in ceilings for recessed light fixtures undermine proper attic ventilation and insulation. Van Martin Roofing encourages all our customers to properly insulate the attic space before re-roofing, by using metal boxes that fit over light fixtures from the attic side, separating them from the attic air. On top of that, install plenty of fiberglass or blown insulation to provide an airtight space, then Van Martin Roofing can provide the proper attic ventilation and improve energy efficiency.

Van Martin Roofing is a fully licensed and factory certified contractor with a proven reputation in the Dayton area. When you need ventilation done right, contact Van Martin Roofing.

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