Can I Afford a New Roof?

For Beavercreek homeowners, the challenge of financing a new roof can be so overwhelming, delay becomes a default strategy. The question changes from, “How can I afford a new roof?” to “Can I afford a new roof?” before fading into, “Someday I’ll be able to afford a new roof.”

Certainteed CT20

Roofs are Expensive, But…

Roofs cost thousands of dollars. But financing is usually available with trustworthy roofers like Van Martin Roofing, so you can spread the costs out over time.

The least expensive up-front roofing choice is a shingle roof, because shingles are the most popular, mass-produced roofing material available today. CertainTeed shingles come in many colors and textures and are all unitized: they install one at a time over any amount of square footage in any shape.

CertainTeed shingles and roofing accessories are a good value, because they work as an integrated system that can be warranted against defects under their SureStart™ PLUS extended coverage, available only to qualified roofers like us at Van Martin Roofing.

…Waiting is Costlier

Yes, a new roof will cost thousands of dollars, but your home is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ignoring the pressing need for a new roof due to financial constraints does not solve your problem. If anything, waiting exposes you to increased costs, and exposes your house to the elements.

  • Leaks from broken or missing shingles can cause mold and mildew inside walls.
  • Water dripping into wiring can create a fire.
  • A missing or popped roofing nail can let in gallons of water during a single Beavercreek rainstorm.

Parts of a Whole

The expense of a new roof is not simply in the shingles or skilled labor. We inspect your Beavercreek home’s roof for signs of deterioration from the deck up:

  • Sheathing—the plywood or oriented-strand board (OSB) over rafters that supports shingles
  • Underlayment—the rolled material that provides important water resistance
  • Ice Shield—to combat frosty Ohio winters and prevent ice dams
  • Gutters—these play an important role in directing water off your roof and away from foundations

Factors Affecting Cost

When our estimators inspect your roof, we consider your home’s and roof’s age, the ease of access to your roof, the number of vents and chimneys, valleys and ridges, and total square footage. We will leave you with an estimated cost for a new roof of outstanding quality and durability. The peace of mind that roof provides is, actually, priceless.

At Van Martin, we know that the cost of a new roof or even repairs can seem overwhelming, but we can help. Contact us for a free inspection and information on financing options for a new roof. Contact Van Martin Roofing today.

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