Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has gained popularity recently, with good reason. The advantages of metal roofing are abundant, causing more and more homeowners to choose this option when installing or replacing a roof.

Energy Efficient

The reflective nature of metal roofs lowers energy use and utility bills. During the hot summer months, a metal roof reduces the amount of heat absorbed by your home, lessening the activity of your air conditioner. During the winter, the underside of a metal roof reflects heat back into your home, keeping your utility bill down, as well.


Metal roofs are often made from recyclable material, and, after its lifespan, a metal roof is completely recyclable. Also, normally a metal roof can be installed directly over an older roof, especially if it’s comprised of asphalt shingles. Keeping older shingles intact reduces waste and prevents landfill use.

Weather Resistant

Durability is a key characteristic of metal roofs, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions, which keeps hail and wind damage at bay. Also, metal roofs are comprised of noncombustible material, making them fire-resistant, as well.

Low Maintenance

With asphalt-shingle roofs, consistent maintenance is required to fix or replace damaged shingles, ensure that leaking does not occur, and handle algae or mildew. Adversely, metal roofs rarely require repairs and are resistant to algae or mildew growth.


The durable nature of metal roofing ensures a longer life expectancy than that of a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Normally, roofing contractors offer long, comprehensive warranties for metal roofs, such as for 20 or even 50 years.

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