3 Rules for Finding the Right Windows Company

Wouldn’t it be great if purchasing replacement windows was as easy as buying the glass cleaner to keep them shiny?

The reality is much more like filing your taxes: The more prepared you are, the more you stand to gain.

Our goal at Van Martin is to educate every Miami Valley homeowner. Our work doesn’t begin until our customers are confident they understand the full range of options at their disposal so that they can make an informed decision based on our unbiased consultation. Here are a few rules to ensure you end up with quality built and installed windows.

RULE #1: Get all of the details.

– Seek referrals by asking your friends what company they used if they were happy with the results.

– Find out exactly how much the total installation will cost.

– Search for the windows installer online: Do they have a website? Is it thorough and up to date? How is the company rated on sites like Angie’s List?

– Determine whether or not the windows installer is independent or promoting only one product. Many installers cannot possibly offer the right solution for every home simply because they are paid to install one product.

RULE #2: Avoid falling prey to the borderline illegal tactics some companies will employ.

1. Bait & Switch Advertising

– Be wary of anyone claiming to offer less than $200 for a window, as they are likely concealing much of the costs.

2. Charging too much for windows

– Top-of-the-line windows don’t automatically entail spending upwards of $1,000. Windows manufacturers like Polaris and Marvin invest in developing the latest technology while other windows manufacturers often considered to be high-end will simply markup prices to afford a large marketing division.

3. High Pressure Tactics

– Don’t feel forced to sign anything before properly vetting the windows installer.

– Some installers might claim to offer a “deal” if you sign immediately, but you don’t want to rush into a contract: plain and simple.

The best advice we can offer when it comes to these practices is to trust your best judgment. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t make a commitment.

RULE#3: Know what kind of relationship you’re entering into with the windows company you choose.

– The good news is that most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on all parts of the window. The bad news is that they don’t offer any labor to install the free parts. The worse news is that improper installation voids any manufacturer warranty.

– Make sure the windows company you choose is reputable, thorough, and offering a reliable warranty on labor. Any upgrade to your home is an investment. Protect it by making sure it has a quality warranty.

Good replacement windows, when installed properly, will make your home more beautiful, more comfortable, and more valuable. The added energy-efficiency of new windows can save you 20–30% on your heating and cooling bills. Your new windows will pay for themselves!