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Roofing Services in Medway, Ohio

Medway, Ohio home and business owners have been trusting Van Martin with their roofing and exterior needs for over 20 years. We have built our reputation on quality care and workmanship for all of our customers. We repair and replace all types of roofs including shingle, metal, and flat systems. Unlike most roofing contractors, we offer 24/7 emergency services for times when the weather strikes at inopportune times. Residential, commercial, or industrial, we have the expertise required to finish your job affordably and with added longevity for your system. Our home accessory and exterior services also include gutters, siding, Velux skylights, insulation, and more! If you’re wanting to set up your free inspection, reach out today!

Medway, Ohio shingle repair

The structural integrity of your property relies heavily on making timely repairs as soon as you notice damages. Neglected damages can lead to water leaks, damaging further than just your roofing system. Here at Van Martin, we offer free roof evaluations to ensure that your system gets the proper care and repairs. The most common roofing material we repair is shingle systems. Shingles have proven to be a tricky material to repair for an inexperienced contractor, but our contractors have decades of expertise in repairing these systems. Metal repairs are less common not only because it’s used less, but because metal is extremely durable and require much less maintenance and repairs. Flat repairs can typically be the most simple fix for the three main roofing systems. We can sometimes use caulking or place a simple patch over the damaged area.

Shingle roof replacement with CeratinTeed shingles in Medway, Ohio

No matter how well you keep up on repairs and maintenance, a full replacement cannot be avoided after years of wear and tear from nature’s elements. We replace all types of roofing surfaces but most commonly shingle, metal, and flat systems. Working directly with CertainTeed we are able to offer quality and durable products for shingle roof replacements. Metal replacements are becoming widely popular across the country for many reasons. Metal is a cool roof solution saving up to 40% on cooling costs in the summertime. It also is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance. Metal systems can even be placed right on top of your current shingle system to reduce landfill costs! Flat systems are extremely customizable, and the replacement process has become pretty straightforward for our expert contractors.

Commercial roofing in Medway, Ohio

For years Van Martin has been helping commercial and industrial property owners realize how big of an investment their roofing system is. Protecting that investment is essential to saving money in the long run as well as keeping your building structurally sound. The best protection you can offer your roof is by setting up a preventative maintenance plan. These plans extend your system’s life span with bi-annual inspections, repairs, detailed reports, and more. We also offer 24/7 emergency repairs for all of our commercial and industrial customers. Aside from maintenance and emergencies, we serve repairs, restoration, and single-ply roofing installations. If you’re wanting to set up your free evaluation, contact us today!


Your gutters work directly alongside your roofing system to give water a proper avenue away from your home. A properly installed and maintained system helps to avoid damages such as basement flooding, yard erosion, and more. For added protection look into our options of gutter guards to keep systems free of clogs.


We offer James Hardie Cement Fiberboard Siding and Mastic Vinyl Siding to our customers for the utmost durability and affordability. Both of these siding options also come in various colors to match the style of any home!


Working directly with Velux, we are able to offer multiple options of skylights and sun tunnels. We carry a no-leak skylight with a 10-year installation warranty to ensure that we have you covered for years to come.

24/7 Emergency Services

Here at Van Martin, we understand more than most how quickly mother nature can take a turn for the worst. If the elements are impeding your home late in the night, don’t worry, we are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. The weather doesn’t wait for convenient timing so neither do we. Click below to contact us any time of the day or night for emergency repairs!

Why Choose Van Martin?

After almost two decades in the roofing business serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers, Van Martin has gained respect in the Medway, Ohio community as a premier roofing contractor. Furthermore, our goal is to stand out from other contractors in the community for our quality service and care for all of our customers. Aside from Medway, we also serve Enon, New Carlisle, Huber Heights, Fairborn, and all of Clark County.