Metal Roof Replacement

Replacing Your Roof with Metal Roofing

If your home or building has an aging roof, you may want to consider a metal roof replacement. Metal materials will provide your structure with a roof that is both sturdy and long-lasting. With proper care and maintenance, metal materials will last up to 70 years. Also, they are made from solid materials, and when installed correctly, they will resist wind, heat, and water damage. 

Installing a new metal roof is more than just attaching metal roofing material. There are many important choices to be made in order to fit your needs and ensure a long-lasting roof. An experienced professional will help you determine the style and color that best suits your budget and aesthetic desires. You’ll want a reliable roofing company that works with all types of metal roofing; you’ll need Van Martin.

Metal materials are an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option as well. Unlike most shingle roofing systems, metal roofs are recycled. If you’re tired of traditional roofing and want to try something new and different, have Van Martin install a metal roof for you. Van Martin will remove your old roof and replace it with the metal roof of your desire.

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Metal Roofs: Sleek and Durable

Van Martin installs several different types of metal roofing materials. We have the ability to install metal shingles, metal panels, and several other options. When you hire us to replace your roof, we’ll remove every roofing square foot of the existing roof, and replace it with the system of your choice. No matter which type of metal roofing you chose to install, you’ll have something stylish, durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

Metal Roof Replacement Specialists

When it comes to metal roof installation, you will want a specialist on the job. Here at Van Martin Roofing, we believe our combination of high-quality materials and quality workmanship produce a job that we will both be proud of. We never compromise on quality, and we always give 100% to every project we tackle. Whether it’s simple roof repairs or a full metal roof replacement, our team will always deliver. 

We have the knowledge and experience to work on all types of roofs. We will help you select the type of metal roofing that best suits you and your needs. The total cost of a metal roof is higher than your average roofing project, so you’ll want to be certain that you have reliable roofers working for you. Leave it to the team at Van Martin Roofing.

Metal Roof Replacement Process

The process of metal roof replacement involves the removal of the existing roof as well as any rotted underlayment or fascia. We want your new roof to have a clean and sturdy foundation. Using 8d ring shank nails, we refasten the roof before we install our quality underlayment. This is only a small part of the metal roof replacement process. 

 In the end, you’ll have a roof that is both stylish and durable, and one that comes with an extensive warranty through Van Martin. Our metal roofing materials have many color options, guaranteeing that you will find a roof that will suit your building’s existing style.

While installing your new metal roof, our roofers work to keep your area clean and safe. We understand that you still need to use your home or building while we are working. Our team will keep the areas surrounding your building neat and tidy, and once the work is done we will clear all debris away ensuring a safe environment.

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Why Choose Van Martin?

In the experience prior to starting Van Martin Roofing, our founding members noticed a lack of quality workmanship when it came to roofing. This inspired them to start a business that gave both businesses and homeowners quality products and workmanship, alongside excellent customer service. We believe in using only the best products and utilizing highly trained professionals to install these products.

When you want reliability in a roofing company, look no further than Van Martin Roofing. We also perform our services on all types of gutters and skylights. Whether you need simple roof repairs or a complete metal roof replacement, Van Martin is the roofing company for you! We serve communities throughout southwestern Ohio such as Centerville, Dayton, Mason, Tipp City, and Beavercreek.