Flat Roof Replacement

Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat roof replacement is a more complex process than installing a pitched roof. You need an expert who deals with flat roofs on a day-to-day basis, ensuring a new roof is installed properly. Proper roof installation and quality materials will give you a roof that lasts longer and keeps complications from arising after the installation process is complete. You can count on Van Martin Roofing to professionally install your commercial flat roof in the southwestern Ohio area.

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Professional Flat Roof Replacement

Our roofing experts have been trained and are experienced at laying new flat roofs. The Flat Roof Replacement Process is one that encompasses your whole roof including the replacement of any rotted sheathing on your roof.

We want to be sure that your new roof is being laid down on the best-prepared surface. We will design a roof that is high wind-resistant, water-resistant, and one that can stand up to whatever the weather throws at it.

Safety when installing a roof is important. Here at Van Martin Roofing, we want you to know that we will keep your business clean and safe while contractors are on the project. After the project, we will use a metal detector and magnet to make sure all metal pieces lying around are picked up. Plus, all of our roofing contractors are insured.

Estimates Based on Your Roofing Choices

Installing a new Flat Roof is more than just attaching flat roofing material. There are many important choices to be made in order to fit your needs and budget. Use the Roofing Decider Link to walk through the decision-making process. Van Martin Roofing will create an estimate based on your decisions.

Quality Roofing – Quality Roofing Materials

We believe in only using the best materials and carry a guarantee on all parts of the installation, including material and labor. Our company was born from a lack of quality in the local area when it came to contractors. The owners had a real estate portfolio and could not find reliable roofing contractors to complete the work needed on their properties. Therefore, they decided to start their own business that was built on quality workmanship and excellent customer service. These prior experiences have led Van Martin Roofing to become the best in the roofing business.

If you are looking for experts that provide quality workmanship for your flat roof replacement, contact Van Martin Roofing.