Gutter Guards

Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

VMR-Shur-FloYour roof gutters exist to carry water from heavy rain or snowmelt away from your home and to safe areas, such as rain barrels or storm drains. But as the seasons turn and nature goes through its lifecycles, roof gutters easily become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other detritus. Cleaning them out involves time and hassle, and can even be potentially hazardous if ladders are placed on unsteady ground or if damage to the gutter results in sharp, torn metal in places difficult to see. And when a gutter is clogged, it can overflow and divert rain back toward your home’s foundations, or provide stagnant pools for mosquitos and other pests to occupy.PrintRes more debris Tighter Crop1 250×276 Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help eliminate all those problems at once.

How Gutter Guards Work

Gutter guards are made of  a metal sheet with rainwater holes is installed over the trough of your gutter, allowing water to pass through and letting twigs and leaves slide off the edge of the roof and fall harmlessly to the ground. If some leaves stick to the metal, the air passing through the gutter below will help to dry it out faster than leaves on damp shingles or the ground, and these dried leaves will easily blow away in the wind.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

These gutter guards offer a number of benefits to the homeowner:

  • No more gutter cleaning, reduced maintenance costs from limb damage to gutters, and no more clogged gutters at all.
  • Installed snugly in the top portion of the gutter, the guards go unnoticed at ground level and won’t change the aesthetics of your home. Because they don’t lift or penetrate your roof shingles, they also won’t have any effect on your roof’s warranty.
  • Because water will pass through the gutters instead of being caught by obstructions, there’s no danger of damage from ice in the winter, or from rust at any point in the year. Gutter guards can extend the life of your gutter systems by years.
  • If you divert water into a rainbarrel for your garden or any other reason, the guards act as a pre-filter, helping you keep collected water clean.
  • Because there are no obstructions inside your gutter to slow waterflow, your gutters will be able to handle much larger volumes of water – heavier rainfall – without a hitch.
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Installing gutter guards is a smart choice, and can pay for itself as it saves you from hassle and any potential problems. Van Martin Roofing installs American made gutter guards from Shur Flo Gutter Protection Systems.